The Case Of The Missing Ipod

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Mar 30, 2013.

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    You may or may not remember last summer when I posted about easy child's missing Ipod. I happen to realize it was missing after one of difficult child's raging meltdowns where I had left the house and left him here alone to cool off. At the time, I suspected that difficult child might have taken it, but I had no proof that he took it, and easy child has a very long history of losing things. I did ask difficult child at the time if he had seen it, and he got angry. "Why are you asking me? Why do you always think I took something." His defensive response did nothing to ease my thoughts.

    Since then we have torn this house apart looking for the missing Ipod. I have spent many afternoons searching difficult child's room, thinking that he had hidden it somewhere. It was never found, and for Christmas we replaced the missing device.

    Tonight, easy child went with husband to Subway to get sandwiches for us for dinner. Guess what easy child found tucked in the back seat of husband's car? The missing Ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since I already have an Ipod and Ipad, easy child said that his dad could have it.

    difficult child's name is cleared in the case of the missing Ipod.
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    Yay! Lucky dad.
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    Phew! Glad husband got a holiday present. DDD