***THE*** Christmas Presentation

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    Our little Sunday School put on it's Christmas presentation today in place of the sermon during our 10:30am service (that was the priest's idea, lol! :wink:). It was a simple program: the kids were to decorate a small Christmas tree while our readers explain the significance of the particular type of decoration from the star, to the various colored bulbs, to angels and the lights. In between they sang one verse of several carols with the congregation joining in. It was a little nerve wracking this morning as we finally got together for a run through. The kids had been practicing independently but illness and bad weather had prevented us from all being together as a cohesive group before this. :smile:
    Well, the run through was a little rough, but the kids pulled it off during the service! Even my darling Duckie, as our youngest reader, did great. The adults loved the way the bulbs were bunched together on the tree and the kids were spinning and dancing as they sang.
    I'm very proud of "my" kids. :xmasdancers:
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    :bravo: :xmasdancers: :angel:

    Yay! (for them AND you!)

    It sounds adorable!
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    TM, that sounds so precious. I'm glad it came together.

    Yay Duckie!

    Have a very Merry Christmas.
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    I'm glad it went so well, I bet it was something to see :xmasdancers: