The dangers of impaired and/or distracted driving

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    I received a power point presentation from my boss today detailing the dangers of impaired or distracted driving. It is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and once you make it past the text screens and the pics of the vehicles involved, I only made it through a couple of pictures. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif But.........if anyone is interested in acquiring this to show their new drivers, I will email it to you. Just remember, it is <span style="color: #FF0000">VERY VERY GRAPHIC </span>.

    Let me know via pm and give me your email address if you want it.
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    I was just telling my husband tonite that I think all kids in drivers ed should be required to take a visit to the morgue to see what happens to the victims of drunk drivers. Maybe take a bus trip by driving along to a crash sight that is set up to to appear extremely real. Im sure they can do that now. Then the trip to the morgue to see real dead people.

    When I was 17 my parents had me take a defensive driving course on top of the normal drivers eduction course that everyone took. This class showed graphic, gory slides of real accidents and the victims and told exactly how and why they happened. It made a huge impression on me. To this day I have never had an accident that was my fault...knock on wood. Im very careful and I never drink and drive.
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    This goes sooooooooo far beyond the film I saw in driver's ed. I don't remember any major blood or gore in that one but it still made an impression on me. There's just no way to describe this one without bringing the picture back up in my head and I just don't wanna.