the difference between a easy child and a difficult child...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Today, easy child asked about having a friend spend the night on Friday. I said, probably be OK, but she needs to clean up the room a lot more than she has been doing. She looked at me. I said, you know, you have been pretty lazy and doing the least amount possible, then playing electronic games when you should be working. She looked at me, smiled, and said... you are right - You know my tricks!. I'll make sure it is done good before Friday.

    Ask difficult child about the messy room... you get... 'it isn't my fault. I spent the last hour folding clothes and then got distracted by taking care of my gerbil. Besides, I don't feel good and just want to rest. Plus, I need to shower and wash my hair so I don't have time to do this! Aarrgghh. You always want me to clean this - and all my friends have messy rooms... messier than this! They won't care if it is messy. It is my room, why do I have to clean it up????" When I ask why clean clothes are thrown in the dirty clothes hamper, I get a melt down. "I didn't know they were clean! How am I suppose to know what is clean and what is dirty??" and when I find clean clothes stuffed under the bed, thrown to the back of the closet I hear... "OMG!!!" "Why do you have to sneak around me room!!??" and on and on and on.... KSM
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    Yup! You nailed it. That's about what it used to be around here. Now, I have 2 of them giving similar excuses and nothing gets done.
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    Another difference?

    easy child: Can I sleep over at XXX's tonight?
    Me: No, you need to have a good night's rest.
    easy child: Please?
    Me: Maybe the next day.
    easy child: Oh, ok.

    difficult child: I'm going to sleep at XXX's tonight.
    Me: You're pretty tired today. Why not wait a day?
    difficult child: &@%!!!!! I hate you and I'm going anyways! (tries to leave/chaos ensues)
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    LOL! Yep, that's it!
  5. ksm

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    It is useless to try to reason with a difficult child. Not sure they will ever get it. Sometimes I know that difficult child will just agree with me to get her way. Or to get me to stop talking. She won't remember her promises later. KSM
  6. ....and hits easy child while on the way out the door.
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    I'll have to reserve judgment for a bit, as I have different flavors of difficult child... Both passive aggressive... One would make a bigger mess and the other just ignore me.
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    My little one is still a nice easy child despite his bad Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and such....but unfortunatly he addores his older brother and is starting to mimmick his bad behaviour! My difficult child even tells the little one to swear or be rude at me or tells him not to do things! Dont really know how to handle the situation!?
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    Yup. The difference between easy child and difficult child is amazing. I still am surprised at how easy J and T are to get to do things. Sometimes I fall back into expecting gfgness from them and am shocked when I don't get it. Nice shocked though!