The Everlasting IOP

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    sigh... ok I will try to have a brief vent....

    difficult child II went into IOP in July (his time there within a year) it's a 30-90 day program. It is now Jan. The school refuses to place him in out of district, but they have been stalling on his return to their "appropriate behavior disorder class". His IEP @ the IOP was supposed to be today but difficult child II woke up throwing up and when I called IOP to see if we could go forward with IEP without difficult child II they said his therapist called out sick and IEP was cancelled.

    Now difficult child II has been told twice he was being discharged and this is the 2nd time I have to tell him, "oh no you're not yet, sorry" He is an unhappy camper!

    OK done venting...for now...
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    Grace - I tried to go back and find out why he was placed in IOP (couldn't find post) but did find a thread you did in sped forum about them requiring you to have home services prior to his return to school, as well as some bologna about they can only start 1 new student at a time in their program. in my humble opinion, it's time to get assertive here, and I suspect you may need to find an advocate to help you. I'm really getting the sense the SD is trying to avoid dealing with- difficult child as long as possible, and they simply don't get to do that.

    What did his last IEP state re: length of time in IOP? Did you get the home services? If not, do you have it in writing that SD is requiring them? Who is telling difficult child that he's discharged?

    Obviously you need to get that IEP mtg scheduled ASAP. I'd only communicate with- them in writing at this point, certified letter. If you do end up having a phone conversation, I'd document it as a "letter of understanding" to SD, certified, so that there's a paper trail of this bologna.

    Sounds like the SD needs to be reminded that educating difficult child is their responsibility, and if they are not prepared to do so right now, they need to find a program that is. thank you was in IOPs a couple of times - they were not schools. I don't believe IOPs are intended to replace schools.

    It sounds like the SD is not going to get with the program without a bit of prodding. It's long past time for them to get difficult child back in school (I'm assuming he's done well in IOP??).

    Hang in there, get your armor on, and find and advocate to help you out.
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    sorry for my delayed response....difficult child II was in IOP since July, he'd been rapid cycling from last spring. He out his hand through a window at school and was acting aggressively. I avoided puting him in hospital, because truthfully to me, it's a waste of time, I avoid it at all costs unless he's so violent it's in hospital or police involvement. This was his second time @ this IOP, he's been in another one twice as well. He's been in hospital twice. He is BiPolar (BP) II and tends to rapidly cycle, more highs then lows. I did end up having the IEP and the IOP told school they can't keep him any longer. So now he's back in school and is in the contained class for everything but specials. So far (knock knock) so good.