The Five Most Common Parenting Mistakes


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The Five Most Common Parenting Mistakes - Psychology Today

It's time to tell it like it is. There is absolutely nothing easy about being a parent. Certainly, the journey is full of fun and gratifying moments if you are lucky. Easy, however, is never used in the same sentence as the word parenting. Similarly, there is nothing easy about being parented, right? Being parented is a bumpy journey as well, full of simple moments and equally complicated ones.

There is no perfect playbook for how to be a stellar parent. While there are many parenting books (I wrote one), none of them are perfectly tailored to both your temperament and your child's temperamental style. And, no one who writes a parenting book knows exactly what is going on in your home and in the complicated set of dynamics between you and your child. So with that in mind, know that you and millions of other parents are having similar struggles and are making the same sorts of mistakes.