The forum appears to be dragging a bit...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by InsaneCdn, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    I don't think its just me - because this is the only site I'm noticing this on, and my system is fairly up-to-date (total new system 2 months ago).

    Either the forum went off-line, or something between here and there was off this morning - for about 10 mins, I couldn't get in. (not complaining about THAT - this is the world of computers, and they are just as tempermental as people and even go on strike sometimes...!)

    Since then... navigating between pages has become VERY slow. Seems like there's a raft of things being downloaded to the page... takes 5-20 seconds before I can even page-up/page-down, takes 30-45 seconds to log in...

    Is there a reason for this? Can we get the old response time back?
    Just wondering...

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    It may be something to do with YOUR server ICD. Everything here is going swimmingly. Sometimes though....I swear it's as if I forgot my secret password, and no matter how precise, or fast, or accurately I type? The board drags. Then I have to go to other sites to see - OH it's them too, and sometimes it's just this board, and it makes me wonder - but most times for me it's TIME Warner and everyone in my neck of the woods signing on nearly the same time. SLOWING DOWN THINGS. No rhyme or reason - just happens.
  3. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    I'm not having that problem. I can log in and navigate just fine. The only problem I've had lately with THIS site is when I post a reply, it sometimes sits there for almost a full minute but then posts it. Not sure what to tell you.
  4. buddy

    buddy New Member

    I have had some weird things too today, like I type and then I can't see what is being put in until i wait and it catches up. Only on this site though. Not terrible but a little weird. It is not happening now though.
  5. jal

    jal Member

    I noticed very slow to load @ work, but very quick @ home. Internet has been slow though @ work since an upgrade 2 weeks ago. Many complaining about the lag time to do xmas online shopping.
  6. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    My entire system is lagging like crazy. On everything. Im about to send it to the land of misfits so I can run everything known to mankind because something has to be causing my issues. LOL.
  7. SRL

    SRL Active Member

    First be sure and clear your cache.

    It's happening to me on any site that has automatically loading videos, like news sites also. Try closing the Google ad thing on the upper right of the board and see if that speeds it up for you.

    I can log in faster by doing a deliberate log in error (click log in without entering anything and then log in on the error page).