the good days


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so being fairly new to this lifestyle of living with a difficult child (its been 2 years but i am just now realizing that this is a real problem), how does one explain a really good day???
this morning my difficult child came into our room fully dressed, hat and all (dressing in the morning is normally very stressful)- he stated that he was ready for his friends birthday party (to which he normally gets very anxious about). he went to the party happily (never happens), and didnt even care to know what gift/toy we were giving to this freinds (AGAIN- never happens- he will usually try to convince us to let him keep whatever present and opt to not go to the party). after the party he came home with an UNEATEN chocolate bar, asked to go bike riding, ate an APPLE and happily agreed to the dinner that we were all having!!!! my husband says that it is a case of the 'body snachers' and wonders where his son really is??
how does one explain a day like this? obviously i am grateful for a 'break' from the yelling, time outs , meltdowns etc. but its a bit confusing for us. any thoughts??


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:bravo: :smile: It sounds like a great day !! I'm so happy for you and for difficult child--Here's wishing for more good days ahead. :angel:


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Ssshhh... whatever happened to cause this is a good thing, you don't want to jinx it. Chalk it up to one of the great mysteries of life.
In our case, Duckie always alternated being herself and her evil twin depending on pollen/mold spore count (looking back) or imminent illness.
Good luck and may it continue... :smile:


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All kids have better/worse days, as do adults, even with disorders. Has your child gotten a working diagnosis with? Any ideas why he has so much trouble? That can give you a clue as to why he is one way one day and another the next.


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I know exactly how you feel. My son has always given me greif and once in a blue moon he will be as sweet as pie. It literally tears my heart open. I love him like crazy but when we have a good day it makes me so sad for getting so frustrated at him in the past. He is five years old and I as a parent have never gone through anything like this in my life. My son has ODD and learning disabilities, I never knew how much a parent with special needs children actually went through. I know now to appreciate those super good days and don't feel so sad. Supernanny a few weeks back had a child with ADHD and it sure opened my eyes to what my child might be experiencing. Thank you for what you wrote because I am tired of feeling guilty everytime my son has a good day, I will embrace those days and thank God for the good day.


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<span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style="color: #6600CC"> don't question or analyze it. just thank the goddess & hopefully she'll send you another good day soon.

kris :smile:
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