The judge let him out of juvenile

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Chele, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I can't believe it but our difficult child son got out of detention Tuesday when we went to court. Our PO recommended Home Base probation which is much more intense than regular probation and the judge accepted it. He is also trying much harder this time. After hearing the judge argue with the attorney about keeping him and taking him out of our custody, I think he FINALLY has gotten scared.
    This is the first time he said that he thought we really needed some help to stay off drugs and not hang with the same old abusing crowd. AND, he is actually trying. He went to a new NA meeting last night and said it was AWESOME. I about fell on the floor. He is at another tonight and said he wanted to try another one, Friday night. ( all in different locations)
    He hasn't called one old friend since he has been home and says he wants to meet new ones from NA. WOW, I just can't believe it.

    I know the odds are against him, but at least he is really trying this time and does care about getting in trouble again. So, I will enjoy this time and try to prepare myself for it, if he doesn't make it. My husband and I sure am doing to try to keep him so busy with good things and activities.

    This Home Base probation is kinda neat. She visits the school and comes to our home. He has to call her every night at curfew and she will hopefully be doing much more drug screens than our last regular PO at juvenile. They are so busy with 30-40 cases at a time. The Home Base PO's only have 9-10 kids. So, we will get much more attention and help, I hope.

    Just wanted to share something good for a change. I sure hope it last.

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    Maybe this his turning point. I know he is so young, but hey, he wouldn't be the first 17 year old to get straight and stay straight.

    I'm glad you and husband prepare yourself for the worst. If it happens, you are prepared, if it doesn't, you can be pleasantly surprised!!

    Do you go to alanon. One of the best slogans is expect progress not perfection. That really helped me a lot, along with the one day at a time in alanon book that I read faithfully every single morning for over a year.

    Mine just turned 18 when we found out about his addiction. It took quite a few tries and failures during two long long long years, but he is now over a year clean and sober. It can happen!!!

    It sounds like you and husband are on the same page with all of this, which is going to be a huge help to all of you.

    I'm proud of him!!
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    This sounds very promising. Glad he is trying, hugs to all.
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    Thanks for sharing your good news.

    All my fingers are crossed.
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    Fingers crossed that he keeps the progress up.
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    Where there is life, there is hope. Being so young, there are many chances. A MAJOR-difficult child myself as a kid, I kind of "grew out of it"/got diagnosed after creating havoc for my family for years.

    Hope, but protect your heart. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but you have to.

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    With the home base probation hanging over his head, maybe this is a turning point and gives him a reason to want to make better choices. Sending my prayers that your son is still trying hard and doing well!! :angel:
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    Fingers crossed and very sincere caring thoughts coming your way.
    He could be one of the few smart teens who "get it" without having to grovel in the dregs of society for years. DDD