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    Well difficult child 1 eveidently has maintained a boyfriend for over three weeks. By phone is how things are occuring. She asked the person in charge of the home she lives in if we would consider visits. Well, since we didn't know about the boyfriend we needed information. Name, age, and such. My first place I always go is the Sex offender registry. Well to my shock and surprise there he was. So today I had a chat with the person that is in charge of the house and said our answer as her guardian is a most definate "NO". I explained that with all of her issues we certainly were not going to add that potential problem to them. Not only is this guy on the registry but part of it was a violent listing. Hello....not going to happen. So we haven't talked to difficult child 1 yet. Not looking forward to it. I am sure this one won't go over well. It would be wrong to let the visits happen. So I am sure this will just give her an excuse to cause trouble.

    She left the house the other night with another resident and they found liquor and got drunk. That was a first for her. Not something I wanted to hear about. Although at least that is somewhat normal teen behavior but it certainly isn't helping with things. Ah well.

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    You're right, that certainly won't go over well. You're also right that a visit like that shouldn't happen. I feel for you. I'm so sorry she is making the wrong choices, hopefully she will realize soon what she's doing and learn from it.
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    Does your daughter know of his 'status'?
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    Can you send daughter the link to the sex offender page you found him listed on? You don't have to send a message along with the link. Just let her click on it herself to see the truth.

    She'll still be POed you said no.....but maybe it won't last as long.

    Young girls often don't have good judgment when it comes to males. If he is attractive and shows them some attention....alot of time that is all it takes for them to think they've fallen for the guy.

    She's lucky she has you watching out for her.