The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefiting from you having none.


I can't expect others to share my values. Sometimes I make choices in my own best interest that others don't understand. If my boundary is not respected, I remember the Serenity Prayer, communicate my limit, and in quietness and serenity do what is needed to take care of myself. I don't have to end the relationship. However, I do have to recognize my responsibility to honor myself as a child of God who is worthy of respect.

I am more mindful of my boundaries when I am around those I do not trust. With those I do trust, I can be more flexible. If I allow my boundaries to be violated repeatedly, I am a volunteer rather than a victim. It's my responsibility to stick with people who are affirming and trustworthy and to limit my exposure to those who are not.

I demonstrate dignity and respect for myself and for others when I honor my values as well as theirs. - Hope for Today posted by

I follow and love on Instagram. I need a daily boundary reminder!!


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I love this. Too often we feel it's unkind to set strong boundaries with addicted kids. We have to. Too often we allow them to abuse and manipulate us. That's not in anyone's best interest. Our adult kids need to see that other adults beyond us will not be abused or manipulated. It could even mean prison.

We can not make our adult kids join societal norms or even love us by letting them treat us like their slaves. They will not respect us if we let them control us.

So much to learn, but so many do learn. I just hope it doesn't take any of you ten years or cost you your marriage.