The Pill To Stop Smoking Progress Update

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I had to go to the fam doctor today for a physical for the phlebotomy clinicals. So while there husband and I asked about the new pill out that is supposed to kill the desire to smoke.

My best friend's sister just got them and in less than a week her cig intake is down to half. She's already noticed a marked reduction in her desire to light up. This is supposed to increase as you work your way up to the full dose.

I've tried all that's out there to quit. The gum tore up my digestive tract and gave me ulcers in my mouth. I'm allergic to the adhesive on the patches. And when prescribed webutrin in the dose to aide in the process of not smoking I was thrown into homicidal ideation (planning actually). And quitting cold turkey I just can't do.

So this is my last chance. husband and I are getting the scripts filled tomorrow.

When I'm having breathing issues due to the failing kidney's, the last thing I need is to smoke. So I'm really hoping this works.

Could someone give me the URL for the quit-o-meter again? This is a new computer and so I have none of my old bookmarks.

Hi Lisa,

Try this link to download the Quit Counter:

I am at 2 years, 3 months, 15 days, 20 hours 7 minutes and several seconds!! I have not smoked 16,737 "death sticks" (based on a pack a day) and I have saved $4,667.97 (based on 5 bucks a pack)

I hope the pill works for you. I was one who always said that I could never quit - but one night I woke up at 2:00 AM and couldn't draw a decent breath. It scared me so bad that I quit right then and there.

When the time is right and you want it enough - you will be able to quit. It's definetely not easy. But it is SOOO worth it!



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I sure hope the pill works for you. There is such a freedom in quitting. It's hard to describe. Though, getting to the place where I considered myself a non-smoker was very, very, difficult (cold turkey).

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I have soooo much respect for those that have quit cold turkey. Heck, I admire those who were able to get the aides to work for them.

Thanks for the link Amy. I've bookmarked it again. Hopefully soon I'll be able to say I'm smoke free. :smile:


Good luck to you! I think you start taking the pill for a week before you actually quit. Keep us posted with your progress.

I was actually at wal-mart filling my rx for that pill when the pain that I later learned was heart attack started. Thank god my insurance covered it. That stuff is would have been $120 had my insurance not covered it. And that was just the starter pack.


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Good luck to you and your husband in this venture! :bravo:

This weekend it will be 15 years since I quit. I have to admit, though, even last night I dreamt about needing to go out and buy a pack of cigarettes. It's funny, that's where my dream usually ends, at the store counter or on the way to the store.

I tell you, there are still days when I want to smoke. Once you get over the physical addiction, it's sheer willpower from there. The more time passes the less you think about it, but it always crops up from time to time. You just have to tell yourself "no".


What is the name of this pill? I would like to know more about it for myself.


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husband used Chantix to quit a few months ago. He found it extremely useful.

I go to the doctor in June and I'm going to ask for a script for it for myself. I don't really want to be a smoker anymore, but I have tried in the past to quit cold turkey with very bad results. I sat and cried and cried. It's funny how you can be physically addicted to the darn things AND somehow I feel emotionally addicted to them, too.

Good luck!!!

PS: A local cop friend of ours also used Chantix to quit "chew", which he had used for 20 years.


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My aunt and uncle (smokers for almost 50 years EACH) have tried every other option out there to quit. They tried this and have been smoke free all of 2007. We feel this is a MIRACLE. They have each had the desire, but been unable to quit before this. I heartily encourage you to at least try this. Anything is worth a shot, in my humble opinion.

Best of luck!


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Well, it's only been a couple of days and I'm seeing a wee difference. My desire for a cigarette seems to have decreased. I'm still smoking but not as much, and don't find it hard to put it off. (without panicing lol)

Which is pretty good. Especially since we had to run mother in law to the hospital this weekend. I could sit with her for the longest time without giving smoking a thought. Nice.

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Okay guys, I just had to do a quick update.

I'm amazed at this pill. Given my luck with the other methods to quit smoking, I wasn't going to get my hopes up.

It is my 5th day on the pill. The second day at 2 pills a day. I noticed "results" right away though. Like the urge to light up wasn't as strong as normal. But now, today I've smoked only 3/4 of a pack of cigarettes. And the important part is I DIDN'T WANT ANYMORE than I smoked. It doesn't bother me to be in a place where I can't smoke. I don't give it much thought, cuz the urge/need thing is not really there much. So if I'm not looking/smelling cigarette smoke, I just really don't think about it.

When it said on the directions to set your quit date for a week from the day you took your first pill, I thought yeah right. But now I see it happening. I don't even feel the panic I'd normally feel at the thought of not smoking anymore. :grin: (which has always been my biggest hurdle)

I'm a 2 pack a day smoker. Mornings and evenings are my worst smoking times. This morning with my coffee I had 1 cigarette. Normally it would have been at least 5. (I spend alot of hours drinking my morning coffee lmao) Since supper at 5 pm I've had 2 and it's now after 10 pm here.

I'll keep you updated on how it's going. But so far it looks like this may be the one that will help me quit. :grin:


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That's great! I think I may try the same thing. I have done everything, literally, to stop. Nothing has worked. Congratulations!!


I want to quit, but enjoy it. My doctor said nothing will work unless you have the desire to really quit. I don't smoke at home, and no smoking allowed on the work campus (I work 12 hour shifts). So I smoke about 3 or 4 a day. sometimes a pack will last me a week. but I need that security of knowing I have them incase i really want one. If I don't have any I go into panic mode. by the way, I have never smoked around either of my boys. Do not smoke in front of husband(non smoker).