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  1. Shari

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    "The Plan" is going out as a school mandate to the entire school staff - teachers, aides, janitors, recess monitors, EVERYONE - and is part of a packet that contains wee's behavior intervention plan formulated into a flow chart with if/then questions...


    Its also going in his IEP.

    That changes things a bit.
  2. Marguerite

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    That sounds better.

    Now, let's see if they actually implement it... or is someone going to have the bright idea that they know better...

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    I would still check with each staff person to confirm they know the plan.

    I had a friend whose daughter's blood does not clot and even a bumped knee can be fatal. They had so many meetings on what to do. (1) Inject provided clotting agent immediately (2) Call 911 (3) Once 911 is en route and clotting agent is administered, only then call Mom. The day before school started, Mom stopped by to quiz the teacher on what to do. The teacher said "Well, I'll call you immediately to see what we should do." My friend explained very calmly that by the time the teacher walked to the office, called Mom and walked back to the classroom, that the little girl would be dead. Not very reassuring.

    While wee won't die if they blow the plan, my point is to continue to drill it in their heads every chance you get!!
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    Wow, that sounds great! I sure hope they follow through.
  5. Shari

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    They actually have all staff meetings every wednesday morning.

    I am going to request it be reviewed at that meeting, in addition to being handed out.
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    Sounds good!
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    That sounds good! I also hope they back the plan and fully understand it.

    I don't remember if you have done this, but we are going to our meeting tomorrow with our new plan- we have printed up 8x5 index cards in a nice color that K likes. On them we have her name in a large font on top

    So for example:
    Totoro's Kid

    Cool info about K****

    and then about 6 bullets with nice positive points about K.
    * Caring, Sweet mostly Happy 8 year old.
    * Excited about Art and Music
    (things like this)

    On the right side is a current photo of her.
    On the bottom is our info Cell phone, home phone, e-mail's...

    On the reverse is her name in bold again.
    Under this is her
    Diagnosis: then they are listed

    Under this is Accommodations Needed:

    I have 7 or so bullets of the most important things for whoever I am giving these to...
    For tomorrow we are doing mostly behaviour so it is things like:

    * Calm and reassuring voice is needed to be used when correcting her
    * Frequent verbal feedback to let her know she is doing a good job
    * Social supervision in classes, easily misjudges verbal tones and facial expressions.

    These are things that are in her IEP but her specialty classes each week are short and we can't expect all of her teachers and helpers to know the IEP! As if!
    So our therapist uses this method and has had great results. We give these to the Teacher and then to anyone involved with K as well.
    It keeps it short and simple and they have it and then they have no excuse. We put a safety plan on ours as well.

    I don't know just an idea for people who would never read the IEP, kind of like a cliff notes! LOL
  9. Shari

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    Toto, that's a great idea and I have done that a couple of times. It was a lifesaver when we flew to cali this summer.

    As I understand it, this is going to be printed and given to EVERYONE at that building. All staff including subs. I have an email into the principal to clarify, tho.

    And tha tis a great idea. I might suggest it to SpEd, tho, cause there Will always be someone "new" to the picture.