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I have had two knee surgeries since June 9. I am still having trouble walking---it's a quad muscle issue that is hindering stablity. I have to work. I have to wear shoes. I can't find a pair that is both sylish and comfortable. I need to be able to wear them with capris and skirts---I teach school and am on my feet all day long. Any suggestions????


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Sorry about your knees. I'm no Imelda Marcos, but there are people here that I'm sure have gone through what you describe and will be along with suggestions.

If I had to go through what YOU went through? I'd find comfortable slippers that look like shoes. What about the big "fake" wear the tennis shoes and carry a bag with a pair of low rise heels in it...put them on for just a minute or two and then put the tennis shoes back on.

I am not a slave to fashion..but I WILL have comfortable shoes. I LOVE my Bjorndals. Stylish, a slight wedge and ohhh so comfy.

I don't remember where I got them, but they are sink in softness in a shoe. Dr. Shoals makes some too (at Walmart) that are just the softest most comfortable things I've ever worn and Thom McCann is now at Kmart and they have loafers that I wonder should I get some - I am not a loafer person.

Sorry 'bout your knees.


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The name is escaping me right now, but most malls have this type of shoe store in them. It's strictly womens shoes though. Easy Spirit? They have all types of shoes and both narrow and wide sizes.


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Aerosoles are also incredibly comfortable.

Have you checked They have next day delivery and free shipping both ways. They have an incredible selection of styles and sizes. They even have a comfort category.

Another thing I like is that they have customer reviews for each shoe.

Good luck in finding some "school" shoes. I gave up wearing heels to school years ago. I pretty much wear only flat shoes to school and I don't have any medical issues.



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My mom has feet problems and normally only wears tennis shoes. But one of the brands she swears by are the Dr. Shoals from Wal-Mart. She says they give her the support she needs as well as the soft comfy part. For Wal-Mart they are on the pricey side but for good shoes in general, they are still very affordable. I don't know what kind of different styles they have but I would think you should be able to find something suitable.
I have a heel spur. I see stars if I walk on it.

The only shoe that I can walk on that does not bother my foot is Crocs. And here is the good news, they are the fake ones. I got them for like 12 bucks at Target. Just enough of an arch, lightweight, comfortable, in-style enough to be worn with anything, and in every color you can imagine.

There is my shameless plug. I have had mine on all summer.


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I would suggest Aerosoles too, but they are soft and may not offer enough support. Check "B. A. Mason" catalogs. They offer a wide variety of shoes that offer support, wide and narrow widths.

The other suggestion that I have is that you speak with your ortho about a referral to a good foot doctor who can get you a good orthotic. Orthotics are extremely good for you knees, since they set your feet in the right position, putting less strain on your knees.

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Easy Spirit and Naturalizer have always given me shin splints if I walk in them alot.

I had knee surgery about 5 months ago. For tennis shoes I like New Balance. All of my dress shoes and sandals are Born and Clarks.

You can usually find Born and CLarks in Ross or Marshalls for half what they sell for in the mall. They are the only shoes that don't kill my knee.


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I forgot to mention something else. I found a new brand of shoes called "Traps" that they sell at Famous Footware. They look like crocs but are even more comfortable.
Can't really wear these to work but they are great for around the house.


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Well, here is a thought for you. One of the shoe stores in our mall ~ like a Nike store, I think it is, has this thing you step on. It analyzes where you put your weight and tells the clerk what kind of Nike you need. My mom did this. She actually did buy a pair of shoes from them, but more importantly, she learned where her feet needed support. Then, she went to WalMart and bought those little support cushions for your shoes, using them in the same places they had suggested that she use padding in the Nike store.

Call ahead to your mall shoe stores first, so you don't need to go running around to every one to find out which ones do this.

I am thinking it was a Nike store, but it might have been any sport shoe store.

Wishing well with everything.



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Try "Easy Spirit" shoes. I have arthritis and have had bunion surgery. I can even wear their high heels at the office which is carpeted. For street wear, I use the flats or sneakers.


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I'd say ask your doctor for a referral to an orthopedic doctor. They will make insoles that will make your shoes work for you. I wear them and they are very comfy. Of course, you have to change them from shoe to shoe, and you can't wear anything like a sandal or open toes. But then you probably wouldn't for work, anyway.


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I agree with witz, get some special made insoles. I have really weak ankles, I have sprained them more times than I can count. If I wear my insoles, I have no problems. My back never bothers me either. For shoes, I like the Dansko sport clogs. They have a lower heel area that is less narrow. I do not like regular Dansko's. These are spendy, but I think they are worth it.