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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by guest3, Jun 29, 2007.

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    difficult child I. found an "abandoned" wild bunny (size of my fist) of course difficult child I was chasing it all over so finding it's nest is hopeless! And now the poor thing is in shock.

    Apparantly difficult child I was chasing it yesterday too. Which is why our central air "broke" he shut off the outside breaker so bunny would not get eaten by fan, geesh last night it was 90° in here! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif
    And he did not remember flipping switch off until landlord showed up to look at unit! Any tips on wild babby bunnies difficult child II is insisting we take it to the vet. :reading:
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    Oh Goodness!

    I bet it's soooooooo cute though!!!
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    We successfully raised some wild bunnies whose nests were destroyed.
    The vet at that time told us to make a diluted evaporated milk/ dark karo syrup mixture. We fed them with eyedroppers. I would almost bet that there are commercial replacement formulas to be had, however.
    Good luck with the bunny!

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    Oh my!!!!!!! :smile:
    That AND your husband falling off the wagon - my thoughts are with you!

    We had a rabbit for 6 years, but it was not wild. They are pretty easy to care for though - most pet stores have food, etc - and they can be trained just like a cat to pee in a litter box.

    Good luck!
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    Bunny is in box outside and we're waiting to see if Mom (not any other animal hopefully) makes an appearance this evening, if not I will pick up some Goat's milk and make a go of it, if bunny is still "with" us in the morning, that is, poor bunny, and difficult child II is obsessing over it, UGH.
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    Bye bye bunny, we went out to eat and came home to find, no more bunny in the box, praying it was Mommy Bunny who took bunny, I guess if bunny is back in the morning I'll know the nest is our backyard. TG the air is back on but D/H is no where to be found, slightly worried after his grim remarks this morning and his very bad binge last night.
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    I posted something else at the same time you posted that the bunny was gone.

    I think you were using the bunny as a distraction so you did not have to face the problem that is your husband.

    If you have not gotten to an Al-Anon meeting yet, may I strongly suggest that you do.

    My hugs and prayers are with you.
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    thank you I have the book hidden in the bathroom does that count? But D/H was not bunny, bunny was cute (even at death's door). I do want to go to a meeting with difficult child I, who has seen and heard more being the night owl that he is. Hopefully this weekend will give some time to research. And hopefully D/H will get back in line.