Things that i learned...from myself to myselfi


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1. If we try our hardest that still doesnt guarantee success in relationships. It means we tried though. I think trying hard is courageous.

2. We can not stop another from misunderstandong what we say or mean or what our intentions are. But we can compassionately forgive anyone for their own take on us, right or wrong. We can still love those who think they know us better thsn we know ourselves and make wrong assumptions. Only we need to know our truth.

3. We can lovingly decide, due to anything, that a relationship wont work. But we can do it with love, but protect ourselves and set boundaries.

4. I believe in the universe being in all of us so that if we dont love somebody, we are rejecting a part of ourselves. We are all one and connected by the Divine. So it is ok to love and pray fOr those we cant seem to strike harmony with. WE CAN AND SHOULD EVEN PRAY FOR THOSE WE FEEL DID US WRONG. Even grievous wrong.

5. We learn lifes hardest lessons from those situations that are hard. We choose our reactions. I have learned I can love people even if they are not hOw i wish they would be becsuse I believe all of us are connected by the universe and none of us are perfect.

6.i can choose to live with positivity which rejects the thought that some people are better, some worse. We are all on earth to learn.

7. I still have a right to protect myself and have less contact with those who do not want what is best for my soul, others and the universe but I must forgive and must not do it with a malicious heart.

The universe, or Source of all, is my God.

This is a journal like post for me. Nobody need answer. Love and light to all.
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Thanks. I am in a thoughtful part of my life now. And a good one. I like me and if somebody else doesnt, thats ok, but Id prefer they not be around me then.

Positivity rocks!