Think I have a plan...opinions???


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Background...Kanga was hospitalized again in December, she then did the partial hospitalization program, went on homebound pending reevaluation by school district and psychological testing by therapist's office.

School is recommending placement in the Communication Disorders classroom at the jr high to address her severe language-based Learning Disability (LD) with social work support.

therapist is recommending placement at a therapeutic day school to address depression & attachment issues. TDS has Special Education teachers but no focused communication disorder program. The TDS has 1 room for 7th-9th grade and two HS rooms.

We visited both schools. Kanga hated the TDS said it felt scary, the kids looked mean and the school building was dark. She loved the CD program and kept asking when could she start. Also, the TDS is full until June 18th. All other TDS would require 3+ hours per day on a bus.

Here is what I'm thinking of asking for at her IEP on Monday:

March-May, partial day placement at CD program (no regular ed academics) with 30 min per day of social work plus crisis availability

June-August, TDS summer school

August 1st - IEP meeting to determine which placement worked best for her and placement for 7th grade

Whatcha think?


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Sounds good to me. Are there any differences between the TDS summer school and TDS regular school? Maybe with class size or services avalible?


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<span style="color: #000099">actually i think that sounds like an excellent plan. give both you & your daughter a good chance to determine which setting best meets her needs....not just her comfort level, but as many needs as possible.

hope they agree to this.

kris </span>


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therapist has agreed to support the plan so now I just need to see if the school will get on board!

Thanks ladies!


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That sounds like the best of both worlds to me. :warrior: I think it would help Kanga immensely to start in the CD school before facing the TBS.