this is a recommendation ltr from my old boss

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    this is a ltr my old boss wrote for a business reference for my interview on wed. for a parent advocate position. I had to share this with you guys, it's just about the nicest thing anyone has ever written.

    It is with great pleasure and without reservation that I recommend xxx as a parent advocate.

    xxxx worked in this office as a case worker on and off from November of 2004 to April of 2008. Her hours became erratic and eventually she was unable to work because of the illness of her daughter. During the period of time that her daughter’s illness was worsening, and there was no diagnosis of the condition, xxxx fought her way through the system. xxxx researched the illness and sought medical answers at every turn. xxxx battled the administrators of the school to assure that her child obtained all the assistance necessary for the successful education of her child.

    Unfortunately the illness of her daughter meant that she was unable to continue working in this office. xxxx was one of my best caseworkers and performed her duties completely and quickly. While working she remained focused and on task. She has an incredible work ethic. The work that was done was always performed competently. She was missed, but we realized that her daughter came first.

    If you combine her work ethic in this office with the way she advocated for her child you will have one tenacious and competent parent advocate.
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    ok i also have to laugh, i guess she forgot about all those days i'd leave my desk because i'd be upset and had to go cry on the roof because i'd be talking difficult child down from work while she was at school melting down.

    my anxiety level was thru roof. yet i guess including that in the cover letter wouldnt' be cool. LOL
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    That's great Jen!!!

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    What a great letter.

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    yea, how cool is she??? Than again maybe she's just glad i'm gone!! LOL :)
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    Nice letter!
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    yea, i miss her. she was an amazing boss. she made working easy. she was so so patient with me handling difficult child also. i'm going to bring her lunch this week i think. i just asked for a reference letter yet she asked who it was going to and why, etc.

    so yes was really nice of her.