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I just attended an inservice at work on the topic of chinese medicine. The speaker explained how the chinese believe that every emotion effects a different organ in our body. For instance worry, which is the one emotion almost everyone picked as the one they would like to get rid of, effects your stomach and your spleen. Make sense, we worry and it ties our stomach in knots. He described worry as running around in circles with no end in site. Then he went on to say the only way to end worry is to make a decision and once it's made your worry ends.

As he was talking about it I thought of all of us here, because I know the emotion that controls most of our lives is worry, because we are all so full of indecision and what to do with our difficult child's and our own lives. It made sense. If only the answer was that easy, we could all just make a decision and our worries would be over. I think it's a little easier said then done, but I still thought I would pass it along, because I did find it interesting.

Just thought I would pass along this tid bit for the day :smile:


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very good and so true. when I get anxious I worry and cannot find a solution. I think this is never going to end, my stomach churns and I do not know which end to release it from.
usually after a sleepless night I am more angry than sad and I make some choices. the decisions help me feel better.

now if only we could shut off the anxiety button and come up with decisions before the stomach kicks in.


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I agree with that. I have horrible problems with my stomach to this day. But here is an interesting thing. When they came out with the research indicating that products such as Prilosec may increase the risk of hip fracture from osteoporosis? I switched, first to liquid apple cider vinegar and then, to apple cider vinegar in pill form.

And it is working very well.

I switched early in February. When I have been eating things I shouldn't, I still get into trouble, but I will take a ranitidine (zantac) twelve hour for a few nights along with the vinegar tablets and all is good.

I am looking forward to working through, not only the worry, but the anger I have been sublimating under every psychic rug I could find. (Funny, how in all these years, I have so seldom been openly angry ~ that I was aware of ~ with difficult child or with anything that happened in, or to, our family.

I think that is good, though. Anger, open anger, would not have helped any of us. It is safe to have the anger now, and so I am okay with that.

It will be interesting to see whether I am able to stop using any medication for my stomach, at all.

Sounds like that was a great seminar, Karen.