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    My son went on a monumental 'road trip' this weekend! I was surprised because he usually hates long car trips and gets bored so easily. A guy he knows from the drag strip here in Tennessee (he's vehicle obsessed) had a Hummer (that name still cracks me up!) and he sold it to a man in Salt Lake City. He offered to pay my son and two of his friends to haul this Hummer to Salt Lake City on an auto trailer - he's also covering all their expenses! They're taking turns driving, and since he's never been anywhere like that, my son decided it might be fun to go. Sort of an adventure.

    So now they're on their way home and he's bored and he started emailing me from his phone! They were going through Denver. Now he's sending me all these pictures he took on his phone and I'm just amazed at how good they are, from a cell phone! All these pictures of mountain with snow on them, and windmills! He said the blades on the windmills are 120' long! So he's still on the road and now I've already got all his pictures edited and saved for him! They won't be home until tomorrow night - hope he gets more pictures tomorrow! Ain't technology just neat!?!?
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    How incredibly thoughtful for him to want to share that with you! You're a lucky Mom! :D
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    That is neat! What a cool trip. Are you able to make prints of the pictures and make a small scrapbook as a Christmas gift?
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    :D I don't think any of them realized just how far it actually is from the boondocks of Middle Tennessee to Salt Lake City, Utah! They had originally planned to stop in Las Vegas just to say they'd been there but changed their minds. Can't say I'm all that disappointed that he won't be going to Las Vegas!
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    Glad he is enjoying his trip. Also glad he is sharing it with you. I like the idea of making him a little scrap book with the pictures he is sending you.