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    I was sitting on the couch reading last night when I heard husband call for me from our bedroom. I could tell something was up just by the tone of his voice so I walked slow when I headed in his direction. Instead of walking right in, I peeked around the door.

    This is what I found:

    Just for reference...Chester's head is resting on husband's torso and husband's legs are under the covers on either side of Chester.
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    Well lil' ol' Demon Chester looks veeeery comfortable! :rofl:
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    I hit print ..........for Pootie. I'm probably gonna have to take a SHARPIE and draw britches on him.....but other than that? It's a keeper. lol.

    HOW can you say hims a Demon?

    He's a luver!:D
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    Standard terrier position...built for comfort and built for speed. Too cute!
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    I was laughing so hard last night I was snorting. husband thought I was nuts. I had texted the picture to a few people (Sorry was late and I didn't know if y ou were in bed or not) and one of my friends asked if I was sure Chester was breathing. I said " Snoring actually" and her response to that was "Are you sure it isn't a death rattle?" That of course set me off again and I laughed and snorted for another 10 minutes or so.
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    Well let's see. husband got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to meet his manager and another coworker. The three of them were in one car and a couple of other coworkers were in another and all of them were headed to some meeting in Indy with some of the big boss people. They only got about 40 miles down the road before turning back because it was just too icy. We had freezing rain last night and the farther south you went, the worse it was. So he comes home and decides to take a nap since he was up so early.

    Chester wanted no pat of a nap and proceeded to use husband as a trampoline and a chew toy. favorite is when he lays like that and is flat instead of inclined. That way when he sleeps with his mouth open and his head tilted, his tongue falls out and just kind of hangs there. It's funny!
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    He's just trying to help Daddy with his exercises.

    Daddy git up.
    Daddy git up!
    Daddy git up!
    Daddy git up!
    Daddy git up!
    Daddy git up!

    Last night after showering I went to slide my slippers on. When I stuck my right foot into my slipper it wouldn't go. :confused: I bent down and inside the bottom was 1/2 of a rawhide candy cane that LuLu had hidden for later. I put the rawhide and slipper back and put on a pair of slipper socks instead. Went to bed pulled back my covers and there under my pillow were two dog biscuits. :confused: Odd... I'm positive I don't eat after 7:00 pm.:surprise: I get up this morning bend down to fill LuLu's water dish and there on my rattan shelf in the kitchen are three beef sticks hidden between my cookbooks. ~ Now if I can just train her to beg for money and hide THAT in the house and tell me where it is. ;)
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    :rofl: Chester is too cute. That happens to be one of Betsy's favorite positions too. And if it can be on someone's lap....all the better. Although she doesn't really fit on anyone's lap anymore. lol

    LMAO! At LuLu Belle, she's a smart girl yeeesh she is! :D And if she ever figures out how to hide money like that she has to teach Molly and Betsy. ;)
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    Gryphon is a German Shepherd and they usually can't lay flat on their backs as adults because they have a slightly arched spine. They sort of naturally fall to one side on the other.

    However, if you want a breed that excels at having its tongue hanging out one side of its mouth or the other and looking totally goofy, well...GSDs are VERY good at that.

    Some GSDs smile when they are trying to be ingratiating. Gryphon does this and doesn't quite understand why people are hesitant to play meet n' greet with something that has every tooth in its head showing, including a set of nearly 2" long fangs.