A couple of things to make you smile and one to make you say ew.

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    The last couple of days have been....interesting. LOL Nothing bad, nothing too strange, just par for the course for me.

    I babysat the niece Tuesday while my sister had her wisdom teeth taken out. Of course I got pictures but this was the best one. Hopefully it works...I've never uploaded a video to photobucket before. (There is sound by the way and it's not bad camera work....I just wanted to get her fat little legs in there too!)

    [ame="http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj161/mstang67chic/?action=view&current=August2009007.flv"]August2009007.flv video by mstang67chic - Photobucket[/ame]

    While I was at my dad's....I wandered outside and noticed two frogs floating in the pool. This actually happens a lot so at first I thought they were alive and just kind of hanging out. Nope. Dead.


    No pictures with this one but I think a few of you in particular will chuckle. Remember after we "acquired" Chester and it was decided that my house is somehow on the stray animal underground network? Yeah...it's not the house. It's me. I'm standing in my Dad's garage, look outside and here comes a dog trotting up the driveway. :slap: This one wasn't a stray though and we managed to track down the owners fairly quick. It was funny though....once we corralled the dog, secured her and contacted the owners, my step-mom looked at me and said, "It's not your house, it's YOU!"

    Today, I got a call from husband's niece. (The one with the premie boy). The baby is out of the hospital...got out this week actually. Very good since he wasn't even due for another 2-3 weeks! Anyway, she needed a ride to a doctor's appointment so I picked her, daddy and the baby up and took them. We made a quick stop to grab a bite and I got to hold him for the first time!! He's still so tiny but he's over 5 lbs and doing great. Niece said sometimes when he eats (bottle but with a mix of breast milk and formula), in between breathing, s u c k ing on the bottle and swallowing, he'll get mixed up and inhale instead of swallowing but comes out of it quick. Otherwise, he's doing great!



  2. ThreeShadows

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    Wow, 'Stang! What a great week for babies. Isn't it nice when they're at the stage when they can't yet tell you to bleep off?

    Frogs probably died because of the chemicals in the pool.

    Nice seeing your face again.:D
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    Babies, babies, babies!

    Stang, your niece is the prettiest little thing. I love the expressions on her face.
    And husband's niece's baby...he looks so stately. What a handsome lad.
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    I love the photos (except the frog). So cute!

    The frogs probably died form the chemicals - even saltwater chlorination will kill a frog, they're so sensitive to chemicals in their environment. My brother (back when he was wealthy) had a farmhouse with a large swimming pool and frog overpopulation. They had an old outdoor toilet which they'd kept but connected to plumbing. You always had to check the toilet bowl and the cistern for frogs before you used the toilet. You can imagine the shock you'd get if you sat down, and they decided to try to jump out while you're sitting there... very unpleasant, gives you quite a start. But although frogs were thriving everywhere, they died very quickly if they got into the pool. My brother was always fishing dead frogs out.

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    'Stang, this is your week for babies. It's been too long since I've held a brand new baby (okay, June ~ I got to hold my grand nephew while at my dad's birthday party).

    No new babies in the offing in my family that I know of ~ certainly not kt (we checked). :bigsmile::916blusher::rofl:
  6. mstang67chic

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    OMG Linda...*snort*..um...glad you checked!

    Those frogs....it's a common thing at that house. Frogs are everywhere. Actually though...there have been times that my sister would swim with anywhere from 10-30 of the little buggers. There was a ....what do you call a group of frogs? a pride???....big group of them one year that would take a daily swim most of the summer. Then they would hang out in the garden, rustling leaves and scaring the bejeebers out of my step-mom. It's like their house is ground zero for weird critter happenings! LOL

    Now...a technical question. Does anyone know if or how I can get a still picture from that video? I LOVE the grin on nieces face in the very beginning and reallly want a still of that. It was taken with my camera and is saved on the memory card as well as on my computer.
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    Awww, they're so precious.
    Thank you for sharing your pics.

  8. Jungleland

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    Thanks so much for sharing! The video is just too cute!!

    Hugs, Vickie