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    Okay, if you all read my story before - 23 yr old daughter stole our money, checks, ATM passwords etc etc. Thinks our names are Mr and Mrs First National Bank of. We also grow that money in our orchard of everbearing bill trees. She whines/cries and makes it our fault when she doesn't get her way. I think I left the story at might be pregnant. Today I get an urgent sappy/weepy MOM text is this normal picture? OMG I contact her friend to rush her to the hospital she's had a miscarriage....2 hrs later...she's fine and going home WHAT? It was twins and one died and I want to bury it myself...and I have to take an antibiotic, pain medications and booster pills for the remaining fetus. Booster pills? Huh? What NO ...something is rotten in Denmark here!

    SURPRISE SURPRISE...LIED TO AGAIN! When the fishy odor knocks me for a loop I decided to check things out. I thought she wouldn't be that stupid...she wouldn't send a Google image of a miscarriage...OH YES SHE WAS THAT STUPID !!!

    Here comes the kicker...the straw that has broke this Mama's back. On this very day 25 years ago I put her brother in the ground. My real-life miscarriage at 17 &1/2 weeks that nearly took my body and soul from me because I wanted to go too. It took me everything I had in me to pull it together to care for my 5 year old and become pregnant again (with problem child). She was my rainbow baby!The JOY and suffering had brought us this miracle. Suffered bleeding, pre-term labor and bedrest to bring her into this world. And she does this to me on THIS DAY of all days!!!!

    OH HELLLL NO!!!!! I Am done with her. Never another penny. I will not fall for another sob story. This is just an insult, a cruel joke. Where did this psychopath come from?! She always said she felt we weren't her REAL parents...we were there from conception to delivery by c-section. Believe me it would have been hard to switch a 10 + lb baby girl with the 7 lb and under baby boys-I think someone would've have noticed!

    Ever heard the term: so mad you could spit- add gasoline and dynamite to that and I'm there!!!! I'm just done...
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    She sounds like a sociopath/psychopath...very sad. You didnt cause it. It is often hereditary. And it could be from a distant relative, not you! Or bio. Dad. Or a cousin or great grandparent on either side of the family.

    She wasnt being stupid. She was being cruel. You know this.

    That was beyond sick. Horrible.

    If she were mine I would have as little to do with her as possible. She is capable of stealing you blind and has a total lack of empathy. Never take a word she says as truth. Never hand her a dime. She will try devious ways to get more.

    I really feel badly for you but protect yourself from her in every way and I would not be alone with her except in a public place.

    Please take care.
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  3. ksm

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    Wow! At this point I would be taking bets on when she "miscarries" the "other twin"!!!

    Do you think she was aware that this was the anniversary of your loss? Or just a coincidence? So sorry you had to go through this, especially on this specific date.

  4. LavenderShoremaid

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    Probably just a SHE NEEDED MONEY MOMENT becuz it's always about her.
  5. ksm

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    Did she ask for money? She actually sent a graphic photo?? And you found it on google?

    Does it do any good to confront her with what you know?

  6. LavenderShoremaid

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    I had sent her her agreed amt for food and rent for the month (we agreed to this amount to keep her off the street). She "conveniently" suffers a miscarriage and needs to blow through her rent money for ER co-pay costs, scripts, cost of burial box/ funeral home/hospital to the tune of $230. She only had the rent money left 300. Me like a dummy grandmother-to-be is in a panic: Don't worry about it we'll get it sorted out .... Oh, she's on FB right now boo-hooing me calling her a liar.
  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    Is she a drug addict?

    If not she is an unusually crafty and manipulative young lady with a lack of morals.

    in my opinion stop paying her rent. If she does get pregnant (and she probably will) she will not allow you to have a normal grandmother relationship with her child. She will use her for money and favors only.

    Do you have any other children?
  8. ksm

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    $230... That's a bargain! Is she on your insurance policy? Do you get the statements from your ins carrier stating what they paid? My daughter is 19 and the ins explanation of benefits gets mailed to me.

    I think it's time to stop financing her... She stole thousands from you...and you still give her more money?

    I know we all do what we can live with...but I couldn't do that. And I would have pressed charges. But, I have enabled my kids too..,

  9. Tanya M

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    I'm so sorry she did this to you. I do not blame you for being done, I would too.

    It does not surprise me at all the lengths and lies our difficult children will go to in order to get what they want.

    Take a step back, take some time for you.

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    Hey Ksm,
    I just started a conversation tonight and hope you will read it. I could really use your support.

    Thank you friend.
  11. mof

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    Jaw dropping they can think we are that dumb! Never mind a visit in the door of the Dr could cost that much. Trust me, I delivered them, but they are a money sucking experience!

    Sometimes that anger they bring going in us is the strength we need to make us stronger, she messed with the wrong Mom!

    Hugs, care for you!
  12. GoingNorth

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    I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. And, if your daughter pulled this knowing it was the anniversary date of your miscarriage, she is one sick being, indeed.

    My mother and sister had several miscarriages before being able to have children. In addition, my sister lost a set of very premature twins after weeks in NICU.

    I was never able to have children. I don't know the dates of my mother's losses, but do my sister's. I tread very carefully around those dates and around the subject in general to avoid causing them pain.

    I do think your daughter is snowing you. There is NO way all of that cost just $230. I would check with the ins. co. on the medical costs. Funeral home costs would most likely be higher. I think you are being gaslighted, and as hard as it is, I'd refuse to pay another dime.

    As was said above, she has stolen a large some of money from you already. You can't continue to fund her.
  13. Crayola13

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    What a heartless thing to do. I'm so sorry. Some day she might know the real pain of miscarriage and will regret doing this to you.
  14. Irishlizzee

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    My daughter has done this to me so many times. There's only one time that I believed her and that's when I actually saw a real grief. She has lied to boys about being pregnant, she's lied to me about it and every time she seems to have a miscarriage. She did the same exact thing and pulled an ultrasound off the Internet, and faked a death certificate. I am so angry about this, what is it with these kids that think it's OK to play with peoples emotions. I'm glad you have been wise to it, and that you know when to investigate.
  15. wisernow

    wisernow wisernow

    I agree with all the posters above. This is sick and manipulative. Please stop funding her and detach for your own safety and sanity. Hugs....these kids make it so very very hard.
  16. RN0441

    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    Does your daughter work? How long has she been doing these crazy things?

    Sorry that she is doing this to you. I don't get it.

    You do sound strong though so that is wonderful!!