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it's going to be an in school suspension. They finally are starting to try to follow the BIP (geez-only about 8 months later). He got really upset and hit the teacher and really was out of control-hung up the phone when she tried to call for back up. (of course, if they had been following the BIP all along who knows?). Tomorrow he will be at in school suspension all day. I'm glad it will be in school and not out of school!

He also is in trouble because of a bloody nose. How does that get him trouble? He refused to do what the nurse asked and instead preferred to be defiant and let his blood drop everywhere and made a big deal about it. He will be doing some community service in the lunchroom-cleaning up trash-which I think is a great consequence for him.

Poor husband, I think this has been especially hard for him this year with teaching at the same school.

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I'm glad he got in school suspension. I've never really understood the reasoning behind the at home suspensions....even as a kid. How is giving a kid a mini vacation punishment to the kid??

Keeping fingers crossed that now they're following the BIP, things will begin to settle.



Yeah, I never understood out of school suspension either. I'm glad they went with in school suspension this time. difficult child is sure to be bored to tears, while watching other kids being able to interact with others.

Only 8 months to follow the BIP, huh? At least they managed before school closed for summer. :hammer:

I'm sorry difficult child had to have an in school suspension but I'm glad they didn't send him home!!! I'm glad the staff is finally trying to follow difficult child's BIP - A small miracle!!!

How is difficult child doing today? I hope difficult child is doing better now. WFEN

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I'm "glad" for lack of a better word, that it's an ISS this time around.

Hope that difficult child has settled for the night.


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Well- it is about time that they started following the BIP! Glad that it is an ISS, and I hope that they continue to follow it! Maybe you can get a little progress before school ends!


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In school is so much better than out of school--Glad to hear they are following BIP. Who will be watching him during ISS?

I can totally relate with husband and working at the school. I work at the same school as my difficult child as well. What grade does husband teach?


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Glad they are finally following the BIP. Sorry he had to be suspended but at least it's in school. I hated wasting vacation days making sure that my difficult child wasn't enjoying his out of school suspensions.

I feel for your husband too. I don't work at my son's school I work in the business office of the District he attends. No matter what school he was at everybody knew me, and everybody knew difficult child. I'm counting down the days until difficult child graduates (at the present rate the day may never come.

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Thanks ladies! It must have gone o.k. because I didn't hear much. He did say he earned some computer time at school for behaving (that's difficult child-needs reinforcement for being good at ISS).

I'm glad that they are finally following the BIP but think that because they are just starting to enforce it along with the personality conflict that exists with the spec. ed teacher there might be problems. I know there is only 7 weeks of school left but I wish that he could get a placement in a new room-I know that won't happen though.

difficult child did have a very rough late afternoon and early evening-lashing out at both easy child, husband, and me. I will be calling his psychiatrist tomorrow.

Crossing my fingers he actually makes it through the day tomorrow in his classroom.