Thought I'd give an update on Adam

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Hey Everybody,

It's been a while so I thought I would check in & say hey. :salute:

It's actually been a little quiet around here lately, Adam being on house arrest has a lot to do with that. Since I talked to y'all last he had an ankle bracelet put on him by Department of Juvenile Justice (department of Juvenile Justice) which actually only stayed on him for a week. :crazy: He had to go to court yesterday. The judge continued to keep him on house arrest for the next 30 days, 6pm curfew after that. 6 months probation, if he fails one more drug test he is GONE, either a couple of months in RYDC or boot camp. :shocked:

When we were waiting for the judge yesterday I took husband aside & told him not to try to cover for Adam, husband said that I acted like I WANTED the judge to send him away. Hmmmmm. :eek: Maybe a part of me did but not just to get rid of him. I told husband that if Adam is going to mess up I need him to do it now, while school is out so at least he wouldn't miss any school. Even though Adam has been pretty good lately I honestly do not believe he is through with the pot, he might not be smoking it now but I think he fully intends to continue as soon as this court stuff is over with. He is still defending his friends saying most of them didn't smoke, just him & another guy. Um, ok, so they will take a ton of the OTC cold medications to get high but they draw the line at weed? Whatever buddy, did you get the tag number of that turnip truck you think I fell off of? :hammer:

I guess I'm at the stage Mikey was at a while back, just waiting for that other shoe to drop. Don't get me wrong I PRAY that this is it, that Adam is done with all forms of drugs from now on. But. It can't be that easy right? :crazy:

So this coming Wednesday Adam has an appointment with a psychiatrist for an evaluation & I may take him in on Friday to get a drug test since his 30 days is up on the 11th to which I have jury duty. Me, jury duty, ha, if they only knew. :grin:

Kayla & I are going to Florida in a couple of weeks with- some friends WITHOUT husband or Adam! :smile: It's a girls trip & believe me, I NEED it. :smile: Oh, & Mikey, just because moms are not in the same physical place as our kids doesn't mean we are whooping it up & forgetting we have them. Sometimes it's worse because we are wondering what they are doing CONSTANTLY. :rolleyes: :faint: I'll be surprised if your wife makes it the 3 weeks, I know I certainly couldn't. :crazy:

So anyway, how has everyone else been doing? The boards been kind of slow, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?


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I know when my difficult child was first involved in the Juvenile court system, they were drug testing him and I knew in my heart he would only stop while he had too and go right back to it once probation was over. I was right. I hope your difficult child doesn't follow that same track and actually learns from this experience, what could happen to him if he doesn't learn how to play by the rules.

I'm glad you are getting away. I know what you mean about trying to get away for vacation and constanly wondering what is going on back home. I did that last year, went to Florida with my sister, and it was the longest week of my life!!! Then again, husband and difficult child were not having the best relationship to begin with at that time, so neither one of them made it very easy for me. Hopefully your husband will be able to handle things and you can enjoy yourself.

I'm glad you told husband not to protect him. He needs to understand it isn't that you want him gone, it's that you want him to get the help he needs now, before he gets any worse.


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ant had a leg he ran with it on. he also got friends to visit him at the house and bring him pot which he smoked in the bushes...I caught him. he was only 13.

tell your husband to be hard as heck with Adam. he needs to know this is serious biz. I am sure he wants Adam to stay out of jail down the road. I thought when ant had the leg monitor on that would be his last bottom and he would way. he thought it was funny.

ant also was expelled from school in 8th and then again in 9th grades.


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Hmmmmm......I had forgotten about the Triple C's from over the
counter! What a life! Chances are you are right. They have to
be willing to give up their friends as well as their escape into
the land of high. I hope your son is the exception to the rule
and "gets it" soon. If not, you are right. He is young enough
to try the interventions that might help. Have a great trip.DDD


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I can certainly understand the need for a little peace without him in the house. The months that difficult child was gone were the happiest my house has been in many years. Unfortunately he came home...he is not using today, but...the fears and anxiety make life stressful to say the least. I look forward to the day he moves out again.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: katmom</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I look forward to the day he moves out again. </div></div>

And how sad is that? These are our children, we are supposed to be <span style="color: #FF0000">happy </span> when they are around us, not dreading it. :frown: Since these last few months that Adam has been on house arrest I have been around him constantly except when I'm at work & it is DRAINING! In all honesty he doesn't really ask for much & has not been that bad, maybe it's the pins & needles I've been sitting on waiting for what's next? He can be an annoying child, I believe I have said the phrase "Stop Adam! more than any other words in my entire life.

I'm just tired, tired of worrying, tired of wondering what's next, tired of wondering where I went wrong. And the sentence "Three more years, if I can just make it three more years" keeps running through my head lately & for that I feel AWFUL. My God, I'm his mother, I should not feel that way! :frown:

DDD - I hope Adam is the exception too but then I think "Why would I be any more special than anyone else on the CD board?" :crazy:

Ant'smom - Adam certainly did not think the ankle monitor was funny, he wouldn't even show it to anyone. He seemed to be quite embarrassed about it. Go figure.

Kfld - husband doesn't seem to know how to handle any of this. He actually believes Adam when he says he isn't going to smoke anything else? Then again the entire time they were in the car on the way to the PO's office last time Adam assured husband that he would pass the drug test (that he failed). I guess in husband's defense he has never really been exposed to the drug life or people that were addicted to them so he doesn't really know the effects of it. Unfortunately with 3 siblings being dopeheads I know all to well what drugs do to a person & their personalities. :hammer: