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Morning everyone. Well, I'm at work. Not thrilled. As Lil said, I'm in the midst of an IBS flare up. Better than I was. At least the little bastard in my gut is only stirring with a spoon instead of a pitchfork. Was ready to go to bed by 8:30 last night but as Lil didn't even get home till 9:30 that didn't happen. Oh well.

At work I get to continue fighting the damage caused by a power surge over the weekend. It damaged some of my computers and, last I heard anyway, some of the institutional cameras were still out of commission. Ok, nothing "happy" to say so will get off of here and get back to consuming coffee. Hope everyone has a good day.


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Hope you're feeling better Jabber! The storms they talked about missed us last night.

I didn't get home from dentist til 8pm and went straight from work. It's our old neighborhood that we moved out of 5 years ago but I love my hygienist so travel twice a year right after work except this time I need a crown and a filling. Arghhh.

Tonight I relax and have some vodka and lemonade on the porch! Almost time for the weekend. Saturday is my birthday. I will then officially have outlived my mother.

Enjoy your day all.


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Thank you my darling, for that cheerful and uplifting start to our day. :grounch_day:

I was late because I was with my friend I mentioned with the knee problem. She's going home tomorrow! So that's good. I shall have to take her some care packages....more for her husband than her, to make the cooking easier at least for a while.

Today is day one with a new boss. We fired someone on Monday, then my boss was suddenly and without warning terminated yesterday and escorted out! Today a 3rd person has resigned (totally unrelated). This place has exploded in crazy! Me? I'm hiding in my office and keeping a low profile!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!


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Happy birthday, RNO!

Hope you have a better day, Jabber.

Same ol' same ol' today. Daughter has her morning classes, then comes home to take the on-line writing class, then finishes up the placement exam for her on-line math class for next fall. We intend to keep the math, come hell or high water, even if we drop the other classes. Haven't heard back on that yet.

It is beautiful and not too hot today, so getting out some this evening.

Have a great day!



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Trying to get loose ends tied up on the remodel. Grandson is visiting for a few days to "help" me. He tries and is able to do things like telling me when I am hanging things crooked.


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Lol (I give tablet calls you this) and Jabber, I hope your days improve.

Happy birthday, RN.

Pas, have fun with grandson!

I had ambulatory surgery today at 6:40am...ugh. I was sent home early. I woke up and instantly felt good. They did not run any pain medications through my IV per my request. I had a local block...novacain for the body part lol. Worked great and I am now bright eyed and bushy tailed, like a happy squirrel :) I took only Tylenol for pain. I have always healed well.

Home now. Hubby is off today. We're relaxing after having to wake up so early. Saturday we are doing a late Fathers Day at Jumpers new apartment and are bringing Sonic too.

Have a stupendous day, all!!!
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It's 4 pm 7 pm for most of you...and it is hot. Close on 100 degrees. I do not want to cook dinner.

Hope everyone had a pleasant and peaceful day!


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In the summer the only cooking I do is crockpot. I will also do hearty pasta salads. If its just me, cold salads. My grandson will happily eat a sandwich or cereal.