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What I appreciated was' Scientists say extinguishing urges is not a matter of getting the feelings to fade but of helping the addict learn a new form of conditioning, one that allows the brain's cognitive power to shout down the amygdala and other lower regions. "What has to happen for that cue to extinguish is not for the amygdala to become weaker but for the frontal cortex to become stronger," says Vocci.' Improving the brains cognitive power is the way to go. This is in line with the Ross Greene approach in promoting various cognitive skills.
difficult child's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) put a big focus on time in rehab for addicts. As ant's mom noted, there is a 90-day drying out period just for the brain to begin to learn how to change thinking and get the chemicals out. Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s point was the longer you could keep an addict in a controlled environment and work on changing thinking, lifestyle, etc., the better chance for success. My difficult child played the system for the first 3-4 months, then something changed and the last 4 months she spent working on her life, accepting her past behavior, etc. They did nothing all day but chores and group therapy, individual therapy, meetings, etc. No chance for outside work, school, or any other distractions. That was exactly what saved her life, she was basically forced to look at herself. She went in to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) forced, being told she could not live with us any longer, no family support, but has admitted to planning on saying the "right" things, playing the game, etc., but the system worked because she eventually was broken internally by the program (which was crucial) and had to look hard at her life. She came out a different person and for the first few months would ask us "does this make sense" when saying the most normal things!! Another crucial part of addiction is when they come out going to a halfway house or some sort of program. They have to surround themselves with people striving for the same life because if they go back to their previous life, no matter how much progress could have been made, that temptation is usually too, too much. She went to an Oxford house and lived there 6 months, worked, etc. I thank God every day for the TIME and a very controlled environment that saved her life!!
Thanks for your remark. I hope it is encouraging for others to know there is hope out there. I keep you in my prayers.