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Talked with- Linda tonight. She is sounding better but is being diagnostically uncooperative. Docs still are not terribly sure what is going on with her but she has a whole list of what *isn't* going on - helpful, yes? :nonono:

I was quite worried on Friday when I called her and she said they had already done the "autopsies". :surprise: Sheesh, way to terrify a person, Linda! She is the only person I know to come out of an autopsy alive. :rofl: by the way, what she *really* had done were biopsies of her temporal arteries. Apparently, about as revealing as the gazillion other tests she's had done, poor woman.

Bottom line is she's sick and tired of being sick and tired, and plotting her escape, hopefully on Wednesday. I do have to say that her wicked sense of humor is intact and while the morphine has her a bit mellow, she sounds lightyears better than last week. husband is holding up, as are the kids. The team has done its best to fill in while she's mending. She snuck on the board today (or yesterday??) and was touched by your good thoughts. :kisses:

Seriously, she is frustrated and could use continued good vibes. She's such a results-oriented person, a fixer, a planner, a problem solver... and the solution and plan just haven't been formed yet. (You might send a good thought to her physical and occupational therapists as well, because I think Linda's planning an uprising tomorrow - gotta love that feisty woman!!)
OMG :rofl:about the Autopsy/biopsy mishap! OMG, I seriously laughed OUT LOUD while reading about Linda surviving the autopsy alive! husband had to come and see what was so funny.

But...how very, very scary! Linda, if you sneak on here again, take it easier on the nurses and staff, k? LOL!!

Prayers and positive thoughts that some answers will be found and quickly.

Hugs and love,

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Have to say I am rofl about Linda surviving the autopsy :rofl: I'm glad to hear her sense of humor is in tact! Linda-take care of you. Continued prayers.


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Thanks for the udpate--Linda- sending hugs...sorry you are not feeling well--hopefully the doctors will find and answer to your pains...


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If anyone can survive an autopsy, it's Linda.

She's not in Roswell, by any chance?

I hope they find out what's wrong. Glad the temporal artery biopsy was negative - that's not a nice thing to have.

Have they checked out blood clotting factors? Has Linda gone into family history at all? It sounds like it's time to think laterally.



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Now tell those docs to make up their minds and tell your body to cooperate with them. I hope you feel better soon. We miss you around here!



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Linda, I advise you not to do a full uprising. Just ditch the therapists. If you have to have PT, I'm sure Raoul can handle it and you'll progress much faster.

Hugs to you, girl--get well soon! SRL


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Linda, hoping all those docs can find the combination and push you back on the road to recovery.....and if a doctor named HOUSE shows up, I'm thinking the cure could be worse than the disease....

Glad to hear of your autopsy suvival....the Guiness World Record team is on their way.....

Seriously, I am sending thoughts of strength to you and brainpower for all the medical personel who are around you....</span>

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Mes queridas,

SRL she call Raoul. She say Timer Lady need you Raoul. So Raoul es here. Waiting. For you, my darling. Hurry.


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Can't say I blame you for planning your escape when it doesn't feel like the docs are finding the problem, let alone the solution. It sure can be a frustrating process.

Maybe you can invite Raul in to give the PT team a few pointers?? :wink:

Sending gentle hugs and prayers for a speedy diagnosis and recovery.


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How frustrating to not be able to know exactly what is going on.

Sending many hugs and positive thoughts!

PS: LOL! Regarding the autopsy! I understand those can be very revealing, yet a real bear to survive!


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I read a mess up from a real medical chart one time "pt refused autopsy". Now just how does one refuse an autopsy? Maybe Linda can tell us.
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I read a mess up from a real medical chart one time "pt refused autopsy". Now just how does one refuse an autopsy? Maybe Linda can tell us. </div></div>



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Sending some healing thoughts and a case of ding dongs your way, Linda. ~~~~~~~~ Please try to cooperate with the Medical Examiner in the future, they're not used to feisty.