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    My name is Elisabeth and I have been dealing with my daughter and her 'disability' since she was 2. My daughter has ODD with ADHD and I dont know what to do with her anymore. She is 5 and very out of control. When she was younger she was not an easy child and she has always been hard to deal with. She was just recently put on concerta and after a week I dont see a difference. Doctor tells me to give it time. Last night for the 1st time she slapped me and told me that she hated me. I dont know who she is anymore. It scares me!!!! She has a brother who is 18 months and she can be very mean with him as well. I am at my wits end and am about to cry. I am reading the books and trying to learn about this as much as I can but that still does not always help. Any Suggestions?? They will be greatly appreciated
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    Welcome Lissie, I'm glad you found us. We were all pretty desperate when we arrived here so we've been in your shoes.

    The ODD/ADHD combination is a very common first diagnosis for young children, often given by a child psychologist or child psychiatrist after a not very thorough evaluation. Often when a more thorough evaluation is done by a pediatric neuropsychologist or developmental pediatrician some other issues surface. I'm not saying that is your situation but you should keep open to that possibility as you look for answers to help your child.

    What does the family mental health history look like?
    Has your child had anything ususual in her developmental history-speech delays, cognitive delays or advanced cognitive skills, sleep difficulties, quirky behaviors, extremely sensitive to foods/sounds/lights/clothing textures, etc?
    What did difficult look like when she was young?

    If you haven't read the book "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene then you will want to pick up a copy. There's a thread at the top of this board that will get you started in adapting it to younger children.
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    Just wanted to add my welcome. What kind of doctor is your difficult child seeing?
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    Hi Lissie and welcome. SRL has given you good advice. The Explosive Child, especially, helped me in parenting my difficult child.