TM - this one is for you!!!

timer lady

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This would be your "me" time. :princess:

Who needs a spa afternoon or respite when you can make polymer cat sculptures????? :rofl:

timer lady

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Busy, I represent that remark!!! :rofl: :salute: :smile:

I really have got to get off that how to of the day mailing just fascinates me. The how to for this past Friday was how to get out of a car with-o showing your panties.

A friend commented .... wear pants! :rofl: Far too simplistic for me. :smile:


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OK in seriousness, I went and looked. LOL. YIKES reminds me of my cookie making! LOL.
Ya know what? LOL, I LOVE making cookies, and have always made them even when I worked too many hours. Why? Cuz it FELT good. LOL. Rolled cut and decorated sugar cookies, kinda like sculptures. Getting my hands in that dough, pounding on it, squishing it, playing with it, it could fit with almost any modd. LOL. ANd the end product? Hmmm..most people like cookies. and they would be so fun to look at, themed to some of the silliest themes of a day......and I would feel so proud, and I would thrive on the thank yous and compliments of the people I shared them with. :) Later it was great therapy for my arthritic fingers. (after a time when I couldn't make them at all. :-( )
Ah go ahead, MAKE A POLYMER CAT! Theyre cute!