toby is famous lol

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  1. Jena

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    is coming home tmrw. on oral medications, they said it's best to take him home so he doesn't catch anything else from there. my dog is still sick, yet got the medications down tonight. i'll have to figure out how to keep them seperated somehow. i dont' know how.

    this is weird and funny, our toby is in an ad for the place we got him was in today's paper in area where my parents live they saw it and were shocked.

    here's the link,
    Click here: Queens Newspaper New York - Queens NY News Paper- The Queens Courier > Archives > News > Top Stories > Defeating t

    You'l know him he's the one on the front one with-ad. unreal i didn't even know they could do that with-o asking me.
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  2. Jena

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    it's the stupid ad on the left, u just gotta wait till it does one for dogs. :)
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    Can you screenshot it?
  4. Jena

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    my step father did for me. i'm going to print it up and put it in a frame. how funny is that? i was like Toby has a HOME!! LOL
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    The ad was likely made up before you adopted him. Did the place cover his vet bills or did you have to pay for them? From what I have seen on an animal rescue show about a group based in New York, it is state law that they cannot adopt out or sell a sick pet. So the place should have covered all of Toby's vet bills. If they didn't you might want to call animal control to see how it is usually handled and what the law actually states.

    I am glad the little guy is better and I hope your big dog gets better soon.
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    NO it wasn't, we named him toby. he had no name when we got him. that's why i posted this, because it's so odd they did that.
  7. susiestar

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    That IS odd. I wonder if they used him because they could tell anyone who asked that he had "just" been adopted but they have lots of other cute dogs to adopt? One of Jessie's first teachers here in OK was the driving force that turned our county into the one with the lowest kill rate at animal control. She really keeps our entire community mobilized to help the Humane Society here. C told us one day that when a really cute pet is shown in an ad they often get lots of people who want that specific animal and will get pages of names of people who want that specific animal if the earlier families don't get approved. Our small humane society would end up with over 100 names for a specific dog and they were often mostly unwilling to even consider another animal in the shelter. If they can tell the people that the dog went to a family already the people often will find another pet to adopt. It is odd, but if they think they have any small chance to get that specific dog they don't want to look at other animals and maybe "miss" the chance to get that cute puppy from the photo.

    That whole way of thinking makes no sense to me, but it might explain why they used your puppy instead of one who hadn't been adopted. Or maybe the person who created the ad didn't bother to look at the info about Toby before they finalized the ad.

    Does your shelter do a home visit? The humane society here has a group of volunteers who stop by your home unannounced to see if you are providing a suitable environment and suitable care for the animal(s). I wondered if other shelters/humane societies do that or just ours?