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    I am still here, just have been quiet lately. It has been a busy month or so. Tyler went on a trip with his school choir - to London!!! They marched in the big New Year's Parade holding on to a big Wizard balloon! We were able to zoom in and see him on husband's tablet!! He looked so happy and that was so cool! Then they sang in a huge program with choirs from all over the world - and the Queen was even there! He had an amazing time and didn't want to come home (of course). He is finally back at school today -missed the last 2 days because he caught a bug over there and was really sick by the time the adrenaline from the trip left. He NEVER stays home with-o a real fight so I knew he wasn't faking it.

    Shortly before he left, I did something dumb. We have a new bed and it is quite a bit higher than our old one. I somehow managed to roll off the bed and bang my head into a bookshelf. I felt like an idiot and my head was split open from the temple to the base of the neck. husband and Jess wanted to take me to the ER but all they would do is give me some tests and maybe stitches. No one will see the scar because of my hair and they couldn't tell me anything I didn't know about the concussion and what to watch out for. It was not a bad concussion so I didn't see the point of the ER trip. I wouldn't have let them shave my hair to do the stitches, so why go? I am already on medications after all.

    I did finally get in to the spine doctor for the disc problem in my neck. I really like him and was happily surprised by him. With the last fusion, the docs wanted to just jump right in and do surgery. I saw 3 different ones and none wanted any tests except the MRI last time. It is one reason why I didn't go back to my last spine doctor about it. This doctor wasn't sure what was causing to problems so he wants to do 2 more tests - an EMG and a CT scan. The metal from the prior surgeries made the MRI blurry. I HATE EMG's. They stick needles in you and make you move your body to see what the muscles are doing. The last one left me with over 20 bruises and each one had a needle mark in it. I looked like a junkie who couldn't find a vein! So I am NOT looking forward to this. I don't think the bruises are usual though. i just hope it will be easier this time.

    We had a lovely Christmas. It was the first Christmas since we had Wiz where husband and I got everything done before 1 am! We were sound asleep by 11:30!!!!

    That is all we have been up to. Well, Jessi found 2 new recipes that are incredible. One is Ina Garten's lemon square recipe. It is different from the typical lemon bar. It has a similar crust to other recipes but the filling is a LOT thicker and more like a pudding. It calls for lemon zest but Jessi & I hate the feel of the zest so she uses a few drops of lemon oil instead. It gives all the lemon flavor and no stringy bits in the filling. The other recipe is for a cinnamon roll cookie. You pat out the dough, sprinkle on cinnamon sugar, roll it up and freeze it into a log. Then you slice it and bake it. The cookies end up bite size and sooooo amazing! She just bought a Kitchenaid mixer with her own $$$ It is a professional model and I am jealous! she is working at the basketball games and saved up for it!

    I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! Sorry I wasn't around for the last month or so.
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    Welcome back. Sorry for the very big owie on the head!
  3. Scent of Cedar *

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    Good to hear from you and know you are okay.

    You sound great!

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    HI Susie, glad you checked in. That is terrific about your boys trip to London, what a great experience.
    He must have been a little worried for you, with your head injury. Ouch, that sounds so very sore. I cannot imagine splitting my head open and not going to emergency, how on earth did you take care of it? I hope you are better.

    OUCHIE!!!!! I hope this will not be as torturous for you. Just ouch.
    One of my friends had neck surgery. Collapsed disc. But he is back to his old self again.....
    I have to see the doctor, because if I hold my head a certain way, my neck has a kind of pinched stuck feeling. It mostly happens when I look down too long. Oh no.

    I hope you are okay. :redface: Let us know how it goes for you.

    Your girls dessert recipes sound yummy. I have to ban myself for awhile,
    too many holiday goodies, or baddies..........

    I am glad you had a good Christmas.
    Mine was fair-midline-ahem, kind of struggled through this year, but that is okay, next year will be better.

    Glad to hear from you, Susiestar, I hope all goes well with your health issues.
    Keep in touch, and take good care.