Today I am a zombie in a halloween play...TWICE!


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I'm in a community theater group and this is our first big show of the year! Wow, I love my part and the best part of it is that I don't have to try to look good to be a zombie...haha. I am messing my hair and waiting for 11am when I go to the studio to get my make up put on.

This is a great group of talented senior citizens. Most are in their 70's so I feel kind of It's good to see so many people in that age range able to remember lines, having a blast, and enjoying life aside from just the rocking chair and the grand kids. The funniest part will be the last song. I don't know how many boomers remember "My Fair Lady" and the song "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" but for those who do, our finale is a man in a coffin who is singing "I'm Getting Buried in the Morning." It is a riot.

So it's my day off, but not really. This has been a week of work and rehearsing after work.

Anyhow, bot to go put on my worst face right now and practice my lines :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...a day early :)


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What fun! Have a great time and break a leg! (With senior actors, maybe that's a bad thing to say? :p LOL

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There is a theater group here too. I keep thinking I would like to join....

Maybe I really should do it.


I love the part about not having to worry about how you look. That just takes all the pressure right off, doesn't it?!?

Are you singing in the play?

I loved the part about "Getting Buried in the Morning!"

Happy Halloween, MWM!