Well she needs more than anything to be moved away from the people contributing to her habit such as other children giving her pills or parents who might even be pretending to me to get her out of school my family owns a bit land in different state limited and quant but decent doctors are available even though it’d be an hour drive

So what I’m asking is if I take her out this environment and into one of little or no internet to be with me will it make it worse

As such when I tell my family my choice one sister who won’t agree will cause a bit of trouble but then I’ll have to let her know what was on my daughters phone wasn’t only her it was my younger niece and they were doing 70% of what I said in a previous thread at my sisters so she wasn’t watching them like she said and will likely blame me and my daughter as she stays in denile about most things

Just seeking advice or someone’s experience as I run through my options my health is also recently taking a turn and I’ll be getting a lump I’ve needed biopsied for awhile now done as I’m afraid without proper supervision what will happen to it’s her it’s gone unchecked to long

I also have a yr older daughter to consider but what’s happening now has caused her to be closed off so would keeping her close and sending my troubled child off to a rehab even an option


Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Firsts deal with your own health and take care of yourself. You Cant help other’s if you are not well yourself.

It is difficult to say what is the rich thing to do. Managing and controlling someone else without professional help may be difficult.

You need to do what is in your heart to do.

Best of luck to you and remember there is no right or wrong here we do what we need to do.