Tornado Outbreak

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, Nov 17, 2013.

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    I'm thinking of all our members out in the midwest (IL, OH,WI, ID, KY, et) especially IL where these tornadoes are wrecking havoc today. I know it's not over and there is more then just this area. In fact my area on a low level and it's moving eastward through the night as well. I hope everyone that's in the path of this movement stays safe!
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    Me too. :(

    Jody.......please check in. Stang......saw on fb where homeland security wanted no one on highways.......please check in. Trying to think of others off the top of my head.......brain isn't cooperating.

    Me, Annie O, and hopeless.......I know there is someone else in the area......are about to be hit with the first wave.

    I ran my girls through the drill. easy child and Nichole's basements are ready and waiting with supplies. Cells are charged.

    Flashlights ready. Emergency radios ready. Candles ready. Lanterns ready. Cell phones charged up. I won't go to the basement. But might prep the stair closet for refuge after supper. (I have to go outside to go to the basement :p ) Probably would be easier to pull everyone into the bathroom though. Travis made a trip out to secure anything that might become a projectile in 70 mph winds. Now we wait.

    Prayers to everyone in the path of these severe storms.
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    Hugs and support to all. DDD
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    Stang posted on facebook and she's good - we are fine as well.
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    Well, that was fun. Not.

    I had 2 girls and families in basements. Hopefully Katie heard the sirens. Several tornadoes spotted just south of town.....actually very close to town. Far as we damage. We're still under severe storm warnings until 8:15pm. Weather guy keeps saying don't let your guard down even once the storms have passed.

    Other than the rain/wind......I didn't notice a "storm". No thunder. No lightening. Did pull everyone into the bathroom as the funnel/tornado moved over the house. I recognize that sound. Weather dude had just sounded the all clear. Idiot. Once the sound stopped, we came out.

    Me and mine are all ok. I think I may hate looking at the yard tomorrow morning though.
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    On its way here now! Thunderstorms until 1am and high winds until 1pm tomorrow.
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    We were good here. husband and I were at Walmart when it came through....I thought I had more time. I will admit to getting scared once. They herded everyone to the back of the store by electronics/layawy and the back bathrooms. I'm watching the skylights when I hear metal screech. For a second I'm thinking OH $%&^^$#@@$%, the roof is coming off! Then I realized they were moving some of the metal benches for people to sit. Other than that, we were fine.
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    Glad everyone is okay. Very terrifying day. I was in Lombard for a work convention. difficult child has returned home from California due to her disrespectful mouth. Ugh, another story, but she was unlocking the door to my van and the key broke in half, did not have a spare. Well we were sitting in the car waiting for the locksmith who thankfully was 4 hours late. Otherwise we could have been in the Coal City Braidwood, Pekin area at all the wrong times. It was very scary in the motel. I was right in front of a huge glass wall and I moved pretty quick, while the so called experts, lol stood right in front of it. Oh there's no tornado there's no rotation. omg, I was like it doesn't have to have rotation to be dangerous or kill you, just a strong wind can throw something into the window. I was stand there if you want, difficult child and I were out of there. We got into a safer area and hunkered down. Lombard wasn't directly hit, but my entire ride home that night was crazy. Semis overturned on the highways, power lines down. it took 6 hours to get home, it would normally take 3 hours. police and ambulances everywhere. One of our doctors lost his house, completely gone. He was at our convention and got the call that his family was safe but home was completely missing. My neighbor hood was hit by straight line winds in May of this year. I just wish the weather would calm down. It's very, very scary. I feel so bad for those affected. My dog Kainda's owners live in Pekin area. They are safe and the tornado hit about three blocks from them.
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    Jody, glad you checked in. I thought about you in that trailer park and was worried.

    We didn't get tornadoes here, but the wind was so strong that when we woke up, there was a huge tree branch that had been yanked from a tree resting on our power line in back. Very freaky weather. Scary!
  11. Hound dog

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    Jody thanks for checking in. Like MWM I was thinking of that trailer and well.......trailers in Illinois have a huge shortcoming......tornadoes. Was very worried about you. Glad you're ok. :)