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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by southermama3, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I just found difficult child 1 hysterical. She was having a total breakdown over a picture in her room of my mom holding her while she sat on my labs back. I try to talk to them death using the bible. I couldn't think of any calming words. God how all this frustrates me. They are hurting so bad and I can guess they feel they have done st wrong. I couldn't talk so I just sat there crying. Lord I wish I could take away their pain. I don't know what to say here ugh
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    Sometimes, just like us.... they just need to say how they feel to you. Just need to say they feel really sad and let it out. It is hard not to want to make the pain go away but it is really ok to just comfort her and encourage her to let it out.

    I think your crying with her is really special.
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    Your right on the special. The more I told her to release her feelings the harder I hugged. I have to say this even though she has problems they are minute compared to her heart and compassion..I was blessed with such a great child I'm very lucky.
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    Hugs...southern. Death is so hard for all of us...especially our difficult children. I don't know your whole story - could you perhaps create a signature so I could understand you and your family more?
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    I think that all kids, and especially difficult children, need to know that we just understand how they are feeling.
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    I feel that having a child like this we have a very special relationship. At least thats how I feel. The girls are really just realizing what we have lost this past year and its harder on them than me I believe. All I can do is be there to stay strong and not breakdown.

    Steely, my ipad for some reason wont load the full site link so I can edit my profile.

    Here's our info

    Kelly, 29 engaged for 3 yrs but our relationship has fallen apart.

    9 yr old difficult child daughter sexually abused by father from 9mos to 4. Premie she has adhd, ptsd and a low iq (77) shes in 4th grade but has the mentality of a 2nd grader.

    8yr old difficult child d also sexually abused she suffers from ptsd night terrors and bed wetting. Howeverr, she is a gifted studen with no behavior disorder. She does get 30 mins of speech therapy 3x's a week

    3yr old son by fiance also premie but shows no signs of delays or far.
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    Ohhh, I am soooo sorry. That's so tragic. Many hugs.
    Sometimes there *are* no words.
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    Thank u sissy. =^}