Training pants?

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    Has anyone actually seen these things in a store recently or have they gone the way of the dodo bird and you have to order them online?

    I looked at Walmart the other day for them and could only find these little bikini panties which I find ludicrous for potty training a 2 year old! They are cute alright but dont do a thing for accidents and I just know the minute they go in the washer they will be lost because they are the size of a

    I want the good old fashioned training pants. Some plastic pants wouldnt be a bad idea either. Ahhh...the good old Little did I know I should have saved all these things.
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    Sadly I think these days in order to get most of that type of thing it is via garage sales and a good sterilization. They figure they can hook you on the pullups type of thing and then keep draggin in money that way. They can't make money on the old fashioned (I am not really old enough to call something I used olad fashioned) way.

    Good luck finding them.

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    I'm currently training Pootie - and it's hard.

    If someone asked me to train pants? I'd tell 'em where to go :tongue: - Im not sure pants are trainable.
  6. donna723

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    I'm with ya, Janet! Pull-ups are still diapers and would feel like diapers when they had them on. I don't see how this helps the cause...
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    When I was toilet training Little easy child about 4 years ago, I just put him in little boy underpants, carried around lots of extra clothes, and stocked up on upholstery and carpet cleaner for those "didn't make it Mummy" moments.

    I agree that the pull-ups weren't helping the cause, and I never found training pants or plastic pants in the shops.
  8. Hound dog

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    I can't help with the underwear, but easy child found plastic (rubber) pants at Sears when Darrin couldn't get the hang of it wearing the Pull Ups.

    Aubrey has begun her training wearing pullups. Nichole brought home those panties (granny style) from walmart and Nana said Uh, NO way! We're not progressing to cloth until Aubrey has pretty much gotten the idea cuz Mom and Dad don't MOVE fast enough to suit me. lol

    Actually, Aubrey is coming into it on her own. She woke from a sound sleep yesterday to announce to her parents she had to POTTY!! And she had her first BM in the toilet. :D (as I recall that is the hardest part, the BM thing)

    Shocked Nichole and boyfriend to death. lol But I've been telling Nichole for a couple of weeks that Aubrey has been telling me when she potties in her diaper and asks to be changed.
  9. donna723

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    I really don't "get" the pull-up thing. I guess I'm "old school" but I have a two year old great-nephew who wears the pull-ups and I don't see much difference in him with those and the diapers. Maybe he just hasn't caught on yet. He's still pretty little, just turned two.

    When my kids were little everybody used the thick training pants ... you had to watch them carefully and stay on your toes, but both of mine trained very easily and quickly, even my son. Then for a while they wore a diaper just at night, and pretty soon it wasn't needed anymore.

    The training pants were messy and more work and laundry for the mom. But I thought the whole point of the training pants was that the child would feel uncomfortable if they peed or pooped in them, which supposedly would encourage them to do it in the potty! It worked with mine! I don't see how an absorbant pull-up feels any different to the child than a diaper, except that they don't have to be unfastened.
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  10. DammitJanet

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    I switched Keyana to the pullups about 5 months or so ago simply because they were easier for me to change. The tabs on the regular diapers seemed to pull weird on her when she moved. Maybe its because she is active and in between sizes or something. I just put her in the 2t pullups and it was easier for all of us. But they are diapers to me. She sure doesnt get that she is supposed to pull them

    She can take them down herself and will do it if you tell her its time to change her diaper but the whole pottying thing just isnt getting there. Now she does much better if we let her run around half naked. She is doing NO.2 in the potty pretty good now....which is odd I guess. She just still wets quite a bit. I wish I could find those thick white cotton pants. Or terry cloth ones. Im not so worried about laundry...
  11. susiestar

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    Keyana is still little for potty training. All of mine did poop in the potty LONG before tehy did pee. I remember talking about "big girl" panties with Jessie when we went tothe store. I always PROMISED her we would buy big girl panties and then go out to dinner and buy a new toy or video when seh could prove to me she could potty in the potty reliably. Cause Barney (or whoever) sure didn't want to get pee'd or pooped on, did he??

    I kept her in pull-ups because the daycare wouldn't take training pants. She decided at about Keyana's age that seh wanted to be a "big girl" and did it ehrself. We praised and rewarded her for using the potty, but being uncomfortable wasn't part of it for her.

    For the BOYS, being uncomfortable was a much needed motivation. I still remember the look on thank you's face when he was in training pants and wet them. He was HORRIFIED. He was almost 3 1/2 by then. He had been promised the "date" and big boy pants, but that wasn't enough motivation. Took less than a week. He would have been trained earlier, in my opinion, but my sister in law refused to change him the ONE time she babysat. It was the day we took Wiz to the psychiatric hospital. She threw a diaper at him and told him to change his poopy diaper himself. Jessie, age 7, changed it for him. (And boy was she PI$$ED at her aunt!)

    After that he wouldn't even TALK about potty training for several months. So we waited and then gave him training pants.

    Each kid needs something different for potty training. Unelss there is a big reason for it, maybe staying in the pullups would be a good idea? I am thinking of YOU, Janet. The cleaning from the training pants and how they leak would add a lot of bending, unless Cory will do it. Just a thought. I bet, if you talk about the big girl panties, not pottying on the disney princesses or hannah montana (whoever is on them), she will decide in her own time to get with the program. And tehn you will only need pullups for night.
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    Janet, do you know any other little girls slightly older than Keyana? When my daughter was very little, she stayed with a babysitter while I worked. This sitter cared for two other little girls, two year olds who were both potty training. My Allison had several months to go before she turned two but she wanted to do what the other two were doing. She caught on really quick from watching the other two and was trained before her second birthday except for a diaper at night and after a while she didn't need that either. They always want to do what the bigger kids are doing.
  13. Marguerite

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    One thing you can try - use normal underpants, but inside Pull-Ups. The underpants feel wet next to the skin, but the Pull-Ups stop it going everywhere.

    If you can sew, making training pants should be fairly easy. You just sew to a normal pants pattern (full brief) but a couple of sizes larger and with elastic threaded through the waistband (so you can adjust it as they grow). Sew them out of thicker/more absorbent fabric such as towelling and sew extra thicknesses where needed (gusset, for girls; gusset plus front panel for boys). One option is to sew in a pocket in the gusset (and round to the front as well) so you can slip in a disposable sanitary pad, to absorb extra liquid.

    The important thing - whatever you use, the child needs to recognise when they feel wet.