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    Travis is still working at Krogers. He's getting more hours than he was for a bit because he finally listened to me about things like "senority" and going to the union when they kept giving his hours to people under him. Took another employee who is a friend of mine (I worked with her a few years back) to reinforce what Mom had told him and help him get the right forms to fill out to make it happen though.

    With that all progress seems to have stopped dead in the water.

    There is no more talk of college. No saving money for it either. His excuse is transportation. But it doesn't wash as both easy child and Nichole's boyfriend said they'd provide transportation to and from Dayton. And since boyfriend is taking the same types of classes it shoudn't be too big a deal.

    But what has me beginning to worry is a new obsession.

    Now Travis is determined to own his own business. (no I didn't crack up laughing when he told me) He wants to rent an old building downtown and fix it up to be an Internet Cafe. The idea isn't too far out there. It might even be a hit. Although if we have even 8,000 people in this town I'll eat my hat. But we are a college town.

    He is determined he is going to get a small business loan. I think he has checked out every book in the Library on starting, owning, and running a small business. It is all I've heard about for the past several weeks. And he has books on how to get the loans, writing up proposals and such.... Half of what he's spouting off to me might as well be a different language.

    Explaining to him that he has no credit, that he works at Krogers, he has no education at all in business or finance, and that it is very difficult for people with experience to get a business loan doens't phase him.

    I haven't brought up the fact that he can't even manage his own paycheck, let alone a business. Maybe some day in the distant future, but no way right now.

    He asked if husband and I would co-sign a loan for him. I laughed. I told him not to feel bad, it was the same respose easy child got when she asked if I'd co-sign on the loan for their house. I don't co-sign period.

    I've decided not to get involved at all in this one. But it does worry me a bit as the fantasy level of it all is pretty high. I don't see the bank giving him a loan of any sort so it's not like he's gonna dig himself into a hole.

    I thought we were done with these sorts of wild tangents. Evidently not. This I can honestly say he got directly from his father. lol

    I've noticed alot of both verbal and nonverbal ticcing over the last months too. I haven't seen this much in years. Seizures too but he won't go to the doctor.

    Until this new obsession hit he was doing pretty darn well. I hope it passes quickly, or gets shot down by the bank quickly. Maybe then he'll level off and get back on track.
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    Have you sat down and tried a timeline? Maybe a to do list? all the prep work before he can go to the bank.
    at this point you can't stop him. Natural consequences will go to work or he can be a sucess. Who knows?