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TR, I just noticed this in your signature:

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">husband: 51 yrs old, love of my life. Madly in love with him since I was 5, found each other again as adults. </div></div>

I am an incurable romantic and love to hear people's love stories.

Will you share yours, please?

I hope others will chime in with their love stories, too. :flower:



I'd love to hear your story, too, TR! My story with my husband who passed away is pretty romantic. We were both working on our master's degrees in library science--that is not the romantic part! It was 1979 and I had noticed him because he had long, auburn hair and was really built, with big muscles. Didn't look like the typical library student! We had no classes together at that time but then we ended up in a class called on line searching. Our teacher announced we needed to choose partners for a project and for some reason we looked across the room at each other and nodded, and became partners! We had a break in the class and started talking to each other.

Well, we had to meet for our project so we set up a time and met and decided to go to a bar-restaurant to discuss the project. Yeah, right--we spent about 5 minutes discussing the project! Turns out he had written a poem for me and also had a book to give me--one he loved and thought I might like. We shared a pitcher of beer and it must have set all my inhibitions free because I heard myself say, "I think I'm in love with you". When I realized what I had said I put my face in my hands, feeling so embarrassed, but he took me in his arms and told me he loved me too. From then on we were together--I was still living with my 1st husband (we were in process of separating but I hadn't moved out yet) but spent every minute I could with Mark. We moved in together about 2 weeks after this date and were together for 16 years til he died.

I truly do believe in love at first sight or almost first sight--it can work! Of course, we were 30 and 25--not starry eyed teens.

My current husband is very different from Mark but he shares many of the same qualities--integrity, honesty, hard working, loyal. Our story isn't a love at first sight one for me but I think it was for him. We met at a contra dance and he noticed me as soon as I walked in the door and spent the night trying to get a dance with me, which he did. The friend I was attending the dance with had told me she had a friend whom she was certain was going to fall in love with me and it was him! She was right! We have been married for 9 yrs now, and he is a saint for taking on 3 kids whose dad had died, one of them a definite difficult child from about age 3.

Okay, will stop--this is getting too long!



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Mine? Romantic? *snort* Not so much. I met husband when I was waitressing in a bar. I was cleaning up one night and only had a few customers left when this HUGE (6'4-5" to my 5'2") came up and started talking to me. Poor guy...I don't think I was rude to him but I wasn't all that nice either. It was the end of the night, I was tired and I just wanted to get rid of everyone and get out of there. But there he stood doing his best to sweet talk me and get my phone number. He knew who I was (and had for a couple of years I found out later) and knew I had gone to school with a work buddy of his (I was originally from the next county over). I didn't know this guy from Adam and wasn't about to give him my phone number right off the bat. So he used our mutual "friend" as a reference. I almost laughed in his face because this guy (back in school anyway) was one of those that had trouble keeping his pants zipped. (Yeah, GREAT reference!LOL) Just to get rid of him, I told him I wasn't giving out my number but I'd take his and call him. (Now here's where it gets interesting) When I got home, my ex-boyfriend (with whom I still lived) was up. I asked him if he knew some guy named "husband" and told him that he had hit on me at the bar. Ex said he knew him, he was a good guy and that I should go out with him. Hmmm......ok. About a week later, I finally remembered to call him, we got together for an early/late breakfast after I closed the bar one night and were pretty much inseperable ever since. To top it all off.......ex and his now wife and me and husband are fabulous friends! We get together as much as possible and have stayed over at their house. husband and I went to their semi-private wedding, we've both watched their kids before and we know most of her family as well as the ex's. (husband and ex grew up near each other and have known each other since they were kids) The wife knows the whole story but we just don't discuss it. If she and I are talking about something that took place back then we just say back in the day or back about 14 years ago...something like that. (Actually, D-the wife- went with me once to the salon my cousin worked at so I could get my hair done. At one point my cousin asked about one guy I had dated. She was curious about what had ever happened to him because she had always thought he was a nice guy. D and I started laughing and I told my cousin that D was his fiance. My cousin was pretty confused at first but once we explained it she thought it was neat.)


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Oddly enough, I met my husband online. :bravo:

This was in the day were there was no web, only the internet. (Nerds know the difference between the two.) We were part of a group that was testing through our library a new online chat system. It was black and white and you had to know coding to use it. We chatted with this group of 30 people for a year and a half when one day someone said...hey why don't we all get together! We'd never seen any of them. So, we set a date for us all to meet.

I said I'd be the tallest one in the restaurant and husband said he looks like Letterman. Yep...picked him out immediately. He was with his girlfriend.

A few days later I get in my mail at work one of the pieces of fractal art with a post card telling me about fractals, and oh by the way...would you like to meet for a drink?

We've never been apart since!



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I met my dear hubby (of almost 25 years) through my little brother. He was my brothers little league coach.

We dated for almost 6 years before we got married (because he's 5 years older than me and I just wasn't ready to get married at 15 - LOL).

When I think of our 25 years - I don't know that I would choose the word 'romantic'. I would choose the word solid - enduring perhaps. We still are very much in love and very devoted to one another. While I enjoyed those first few years of 'romantic love' - I honestly prefer what we have now.


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Thanks for asking Suz...I'm happy to share my story.

husband grew up in the same neighbourhood that I did. He and his family moved to the next town, but he used to come back frequently to visit with his old friends.

I used to see him around the neighbourhood a lot, driving past my house in his blue Chevelle (see the you are what you drive thread), or better still, on his motorcycle, or simply hanging out with his friends. I thought he was so beautiful. He was a semi-pro football player so he was really built, and had long flowing golden brown hair and the bluest eyes imaginable. I used to stand in my front yard and watch whenever he drove by. Sometimes I would wave, and once when I was feeling very bold I blew kisses at him. I had such a crush on him, and dreamed that I would marry him someday, when I was big enough.

A lot of time passed. His friends all moved on with their lives, and he stopped coming around the neighbourhood. I grew up and got married, but it wasn't a happy marriage and I often used to think about my first big crush and wonder whatever happened to him. I used to joke to myself that I should have snapped him up when I had the chance, back when I was 5.

Many years later I was working on a project for a new client. Because my schedule was so crazy, my manager excused me from all team meetings. But on this day, she insisted that I attend. At the same time, a new man had joined the project team that morning. He was supposed to be in another meeting in another building, but he had been given incorrect directions. My manager invited him to join our meeting, to get a chance to meet the team and find out more about the project. I arrived a bit late to the meeting, and stood in the doorway of the boardroom looking for an empty seat. There were a few chairs available, one next to a big man with the bluest eyes I'd ever seen and golden brown hair. As though I was being pulled by a rope, I walked over to the empty chair beside him and sat down.

We introduced ourselves and started to talk quietly. This lovely man and I talked and talked about so many things. At one point, when we were talking about where we grew up, I realized that this man was my crush, of the Chevelle, motorcycle and long flowing hair. He talked about driving through our old neighbourhood, and remembering a little girl who waved at him sometimes. I told him that I was the little girl who waved. The meeting lasted for hours, and to this day I have no idea what the project team talked about. All these many years later, here he was, right next to me. Both of use were separated/divorced, and we became the best of friends in that meeting.

We spent lots of time together, going for walks on our lunch hour, sitting in the park behind the office. One day when we were out for lunch, he kissed me. Since that moment, we've been inseparable.


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I grew up in a small town in SC. Everyone knows everyone. I moved away at 18 when I married and moved back when I was 24. A childhood friend was getting married and I threw her a shower. There was a woman there who talked about her son and how he couldn't find a nice girl to date. My thought was "what kind of geek is he that his mother is looking for people to date."

I was newly divorced and having a good time. I went out quite a bit. One night out this guy in a blue Z pulled up at a station next to my car and I thought he was really cute---and I loved the car. But...I was late for a date, so I went on.

I was in my last semester of school and an old friend kept telling me about her neighbor who was single and just built a house. She wanted me to meet him. Nope, not interested.

On the night before my graduation, I went out with some friends and a guy I dated casually. We were at a local bar when this guy walked up to the table with the bluest eyes I've ever seen.
He started teasing me about my haircut and outfit---blue seersucker jumpsuit (okay, it was the 80's). He was with a large group also. Next thing I know he is beside me. A bunch of people decided to go to an afterhours club up at the beach. He and several others rode with me. He talked about the blue Z that he had totaled 2 months before. I don't remember much about the rest of the night, except we were in full flirtation mode.

The next week I had to return a book to my school friend. On the way back to the main road from her house, I see this guy standing in the road flagging me down. When I stopped, he said, I've been trying to find you all week/no my whole life. He asked me to go out that night.

That was on May 16. We got married August 1st.

20 1/2 years later...we are still together.

Other true facts....
At two points during my first marriage, husband lived within 3 houses of me and my former husband.

husband's cousin and I were best friends in middle and high school.

husband's family owned a small grocery store and used to buy goods from my families wholesale warehouse.

husband went home after that night we met and told his mother he had met the girl he was gonna marry, but he couldn't remember my last name.

He called my date to get my name, and the guy gave him my maiden name and told him my father's name---who hadn't been in town for 25 years. When husband tried to find his name in the phone book it wasn't there.


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That's so weird when you hear stories about people crossing or almost crossing paths before they meet and marry. I mentioned in my post that husband had known who I was for a couple of years. Turns out that we had been at some of the same parties and/or events a few times over that time period. (He was still with his ex#2 but still knew who I was.) In fact, at one point, I ran into the mutual friend that husband used as a reference. I was with a guy I was dating at the time but we stood and talked to him for about a half hour. I found out later that husband was standing next to this guy the entire time. I don't even remember seeing him there. (Ooopsie)


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Those coincidences are strange aren't they?
husband and I had lots of near misses before we finally found each other again.

At one point, he was working in an office building about 3 blocks from the one where I was working. He used to go out for a walk every day at lunch, and walk along the same streets I was walking along during my lunchtime walk.

husband used to visit the house of my father's best friend to fix his computer all the time. I was in and out of that house throughout my childhood, but we never ran into each other there.

The weirdest one...I used to work for a professional services company. My last day was a Friday. The following Monday, husband started working for that same company, and they assigned him to my old desk.

I think that fate had been trying to get us together for a long long time.


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My ex is still a good friend (as long as my daughter isn't part of the conversation, anyway). When I met him, I wasn't looking for a relationship -- was too busy starting my life. Had just graduated from college and was on a lovely career path. Definitely no time to really date someone.

I was eating lunch at an outside table, with some paperwork spread out and reading away. This idiot walks by, trips and spills coffee all over me, my lunch and, of course, my papers. I was furious! This was hours of work absolutely destroyed, not to mention I looked a mess and had a meeting I was supposed to run in 2 hours.

He tried apologizing. I just glared. Gave me his card and said go buy something to wear and he'd pay for it. Not a wise move given the mood I was in! I went to Nordstrom's and straight to their second floor (designers) and bought the most beautiful charcoal gray suit and maroon silk blouse. Of course, I sent him the bill, nor really expecting him to pay it once I'd calmed down. Amazingly, he not only gave me a check for the suit, but personally delivered it with a dozen roses.

It took him about 3 tries before I would go out with him. After 8 months of dating, we got engaged. Another year and we married. After we'd been married about 6 months, he confessed he'd spilled the coffee on me deliberately (after making sure he'd let it cool down). He'd seen me eating at that table several times and had tried to get my attention to no avail. Figured he'd go the klutz route. He was a bit surprised at how angry I got but felt it was his fault so was willing to pay the piper so to speak.

He really is a good guy and I wish he'd marry again. He's happier with a wife. I've met a few of the women he's dated since we split. One of them would have been perfect for him but he keeps telling me he married his soul mate and has no intention of trying again. sigh

hearts and roses

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What cool stories....trinity, so sweet~

I met my current H through my exh. They were best friends and current H was my exh's best man at our wedding. I couldn't stand him, thought he was a real Californian jerk. At the reception, my sister asked me why I wasn't marrying the best man.

Flash forward 3 years; current H had moved back from Cali and was working with exh. He dropped by exh and my house almost daily, had dinner with us, played with my babies, etc. I even tried to fix him up with one of my girlfriend's. She said, "I can't go out with him - it's obvious he only has eyes for you!" I was appalled.

Then, New Years Eve 1991, exh and I were having a New Years party and current H was there, polluted. By this time I was already planning my escape from exh. I later learned from my bff that current H asked her if I was happy with exh and told her that he was in love with me. Again, I was a little shocked.

That following August, at the 5 year mark, I did leave exh. I asked current H if I could borrow his van to move out and he said I had to ask exh permission, which I did and exh said "Go for it!" After I moved out with the girlies, current H would stop by and visit us and eventually our friendship blossomed into a love affair.

A year later I was offered a job out of state and moved 150 miles away. A year later, H followed the girls and me to CT. Two years later, we were married and easy child and difficult child were thrilled. So was I.

We like to say that we 'saved' each other. We still can talk into the night. Everyone thinks H is quiet - they have no idea!


(the future) MRS. GERE

Thank you for sharing your stories. :tissue:

Keep 'em coming.


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I am enjoying everyone's story. Here's mine.....

I was 14 going on 15 (yes 14!!). husband was 16. We lived in neighboring cities (rivaling high schools). I was bowling at the bowling alley with my girlfriend. husband and a friend came in and were standing around and checking us out. haha I was this innocent, shy, little goodie two-shoes. He looked like a greaser standing there smoking.

His friend approached my friend (who was very outgoing and flirty), and they struck up a conversation. husband turned out to be on the shy side like me, and it took a little while for him to walk over and start talking to me. We talked and talked and my heart felt flittery.

He asked for my phone number, but I told him I was not allowed to give it out (true). But my mom had never told me that *I* could not take a boy's phone number, so I took his. LOL

He walked me halfway home, and when he had walked about 10 feet away, he turned around and called out, "Good bye, good bye. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I might say it 'til tomorrow." How much more romantic can you get than that??!!

Well, a month went by and I had not seen or called husband. Then there was my first big dance coming up and I needed a date. I got the nerve and called husband. He was so happy that I called and he said yes to going to the dance. He then met my parents, and I met his.

We started liking each other more, but I was only allowed to group date until I turned 16. He gave me a "going steady" ring on my 16th birthday (a blue star sapphire with a teensy diamond chip which he was so proud of, which I still wear every day to this date), but I told him I would not go steady with him unless he quit smoking. He quit immediately.

By the time I was 17, we talked about getting married one day. On my 18th birthday I got engaged. Two years later we got married.....and here we are 32 years later!!! Happily ever after. :smile:

p.s. Yes, we've had a few ups and downs, but mostly ups. I consider him not only my husband but also my best friend. I love him more than ever.




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I met husband on the "the hill" at lunch when I was in 9th grade.He was in 10th.I looked at him, we spoke, and he I thought to myself that I was going to marry him. I fell soo hard in love with him that instant. He has the deepest voice in the world-it is so sexy. And he is soo handsome, I couldn't imagine anyone being more handome. These were my thoughts at age 15. We became friends. We hung out, I never told him how I REALLY felt- I would have scared him away. We both saw other people, but sometimes each other. I love him, he is so confident and I can't believe I'm his wife sometimes even now, My 2 youngest kids have the identical voice as husband. I can never tell who is answering the phone when I call. They look exactly like him as well.

He has gained more than 100 pounds since then, but I only see the 15 year old when I look at him. This is so corny, next to his side of the bed he keeps a picture of me at 15. It was love at first sight.-Alyssa

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upallnight -- That is so sweet! My husband also said that the day he met me he knew he was going to marry me one day. Your and my husband's are such romantics!