Trip to ER .... 26 stitches

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kt always comes home from day treatment excited & wired. Always in a rush to make it in the house.

Today as kt was running up the stairs she tripped up the stairs & tried to stop her fall by using the bottom half of our door - yup, you guessed right. The bottom half of our door is glass.

Both arms went straight through the glass. She was a bloody screaming mess. I had just walked in the back door from my doctor appointment to be greeted with a bloody screaming child.

Poor baby - had to be sedated to be examined & have her arms stitched up. Embedded glass had to be removed & the stitches began. husband held up better than I did.

kt's biggest concern was that she couldn't go swimming this coming weekend during respite.

Four hours later we walk back in the door with one sore little ktbug & tornadoes ripping through our area.

kt fell asleep around 7:45 - husband helped me clean up the rest of the mess on the front porch & that had been dragged through the house.

Tomorrow is Friday - respite (if kt isn't running a fever & goes to school) weekend begins at 3 pm. I hesitate to let her go; husband says we can always pick her up if necessary. The man is right.

Appreciate the cyber shoulder.


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Oh dear! :smile: I can only imagine how upsetting this all must have been for all of you. I predict she'll either do school or respite, not both. Any chance she could go Saturday morning?


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Oh dear, poor kt. And poor you, all that running around, the anxiety, the trauma - I hope she's OK to go to respite. And I hope they got all the glass out - sometimes it' so hard to find.

Now all she has to do is work on a bizarre cover story to explain the injury. For example, I used to explain the huge wound in my side from kidney surgery, as a shark attack. Maybe she could say she fell into the piranha tank? While feeding them a side of beef? I'm sure a lot of creative minds can come up with some options, it might put a smile on kt's face.

Hang in there. Childhood doesn't last forever.



call 911

THIS is not the post I wanted to hear! My sister did the same thing when she was 9 and they found glass in the roof of her mouth!! A perfect horseshoe piece.

Sorry for little bug. Hugs and smooches for the boo boos, and Rum and coke for you!

How did it go at the docs?

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Ouch! Poor kt bug and poor you and husband. Saying a prayer there is no fever and kt is able to go and enjoy a respite weekend and that you are able to relax. Hugs.


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Hi Linda! I hope you and kt are over it all (do you guys have "reserved seating" in that hospital?). She's going to be pretty tired today. Your husband sounds like a great guy and a terrific shoulder!

Hope the weekend runs smoothly!



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been there done that - myself! Ouch! Although it was only one arm through the door.
Still have the scars to prove it. I hope she heals nicely. Might want to look into getting that new cream that fades scars.

Poor thing!

I agree with husband - he can always pick her up. Sounds like she was looking forward to going anyway. Bummer that she will not be able to swim. But, I bet she will enjoy the attention she will get due to stitches in both arms!

From your post in the morning thread, it sounds like kt is on her way to recovery. I'm glad she doesn't have a fever and was up and ready for school. These are definitely good signs!!!

I'll continue to keep kt in my thoughts for a speedy recovery...WFEN


Whew! 26 stitches sounds bad, but glad it wasn't more serious.

If it's not one thing, it's another..... Sigh...


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I didn't see this until I read about the stitches in you morning post. Hope she does ok at school today. Glad she is ok.



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Arrgh, Linda! We've known a few others whose kids have done that. One was just leaving for vacation. Certainly put a stop to that!
I am so sorry.
And then to have tornadoes, too ...