trouble with difficult child again

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Sharon1974, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Things were going really well with JK and then what happened? He was admitted to the pediatric psychiatric ward 2 months ago. He spent a week there and now attends a partial hospitalization program 4 days a week after school. He is back on prescription medication (Risperdal .25mg). Dad's visits have been temporarily suspended because he does not know how to deal with JK and keeps taking him to the psychiatric ER.

    Aside from this, his teacher reports that JK is a pleasure to work with, very smart, and a wonderful kid. She would like to see him show more emotion in class. Maybe she should come over the day he arrives home from Dad's? He has been making statements to Dad that he wants to be dead and that he is going to kill himself. This is why Dad runs him to the ER. JK knows that saying this will cause me to come and get him from the hospital (and I do) and it ends his visit with Dad. His therapists say he is not suicidal and so does the phychiatrist. He can be such a wonderful kid, I don't know what happens.

    Just when I thought he was no longer a difficult child. . . . . .
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    I'm not 100% sure where you are going with this post, or if you are looking for answers...

    ...but chances are, once a difficult child, always a difficult child. At least when they are that little. It does not just go away.

    No necessarily something we signed up for, but we take what life deals us, realize that we have no control over it, and make the best of it.
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    So, difficult child threatens to commit suicide every time he sees his dad? Because he knows you will come and get him?
    Sounds like you need to stop the dad visits.
    What am I missing?
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    I'm not sure what you are asking of us too. I'm wondering how anyone knows if your child is suicidal or why he'd prefer being in a hospital to visiting his father. I'm sort of confused.
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    Good to see you again. I'm sorry the Dad visits are causing such stress. Sounds like he is doing well in other areas especially in school. What does the psychiatrist recommend you do about this?
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    Hang in there,you have alot going on. And if we adults have a hard time coping, well how much more the kids. I wonder if your ex is also on board with the therapists and doctor you mentioned....if so, maybe they can address this issue with you know bring it out in the open when all three of you are together. Maybe thats not a comfortable option, maybe just the therapist talking to ex and difficult child about these issues? Just a thought. We never know what is going through kids minds, but if you can get him to give you any clues, you can at least begin working in that arena. My guess is his security lies with you and he is fearful when away from you.