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I attended truancy determination with kt, mental health case manager, & PCA (to keep kt in line). Very informative as the next steps are community service (i.e. picking trash up at the side of the road), weekend placement &/or foster placement.

kt was the youngest child there; all the other kids in attendance were high schoolers - most of them juniors.

Mental health case manager once again stated the situation with kt; he stated that while the parents & he, himself, wants kt to attend school, there is a mental/emotional disturbance that cannot guarantee that - a contract with kt is moot. He also stated that community service would not be in kt's best interest, neither would foster care placement or a work camp, given kt's extreme vulnerability. He'd like a different, more appropriate consequence given kt's mental/emotional age. It's being taken into consideration. I'm in agreement with mental health CM. kt needs to attend school - she also needs a more appropriate consequence for school refusal.

kt, in the meantime, was doing her best to maintain - playing her gameboy & such & terrified.

We came home, administered a PRN medication. She's out on her scooter with PCA & being watched closely.


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*Phew*! Sounds like it wasn't too bad! And, it sounds like you have some voices on your side, which is great! Hopefully some mental/emotional age appropriate consequence is given instead of the ridiculous suggested ones!

I hope kt's night continues to be uneventful!



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That sounds like a much better outcome than I think you had anticipated. Thank goodness for the voices of reason!


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I'm glad they are taking things into consideration. Keeping my fingers crossed they make the right decision. Hugs.

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Thanks ladies - it really wasn't as bad as I anticipated. In my mind, it was a bit overboard for kt. Mental health case manager called crisis team to give them a head's up after yesterdays truancy hearing.

He wanted to let them know that kt's anxiety level was on "high alert" & to be prepared.

CM was angry - this appearance was overkill for kt & totally inappropriate given her age & diagnosis's. I believe he was more disturbed than I was. He let prosecuting attorney know that with kt's hx & diagnosis of PTSD this wasn't appropriate for kt & not in her best interest.

Having said that, kt maintained, for the most part, last night. Had a few nightmares & is very subdued this morning.

I still am not sure what to make of this - don't want this dogging kt for the rest of her school years. CM feels it won't - however is pushing for a more appropriate consequence so kt knows that school refusal is unacceptable.


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Phew. Sounds like it went as well as it could, Linda, maybe even better than expected, huh?

I agree that school attendance must be stressed - God knows we fight that battle with difficult child's and easy child's alike, but on the other hand, it's nice to know that someone is arguing with a voice of reason. Our difficult children cannot and should not be held in the same regard as your typical teen.

Good for kt and her ability to maintain as well as she did. I'm sure she was terrified. Poor kid. Poor you!! But, you complied as ordered and it turned out okay.

So glad it went this route!! :smile:


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I'm going to go out on a limb here. I've been a member of this board for 4 years so totally understand the complexities of the tweedles.

But I don't understand a couple things. Why would community service be such a bad thing for kt? Wouldn't that support the idea of not skipping school? She doesn't have to be on the side of a highway, but what about sorting clothes at Goodwill or Salvation Army? What about doing something for the SPCA? What about picking up trash at the local park? Also she could help prepare a meal for your local Ronald McDonald House. I'm sure there are number of community service things that kt could do with her standard supports in place.

Or is it rather than community service is not a consequence that would teach her a lesson? I bet, even though she was playing her gameboy, she was aware that the other kids got "trash orders". Does her walking out of there with no consequences really do anything for your ammunition the next time she attempts to refuse school?

I don't know Linda, I know this is a slippery slope with kt. I'm just kinda thinking out loud and thinking about the fact that she has been to the hearing, so that is over. Wouldn't have been better to get the consequence at that time and then move on?


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We're supporting community service if it comes to that - hopefully park clean up. CM wants assurance that kt will be highly supervised, not run & will be treated appropriately if a crisis occurs or she dissociates. PCAs aren't allowed to be there to supervise. Additionally, given kt's very young emotional age CM doesn't feel kt should be mixed in with an older group of teenagers - she's too vulnerable.

There are complexities - no question about that.

An add'l meeting will be called for kt - to work out those very complex issues. The prosecuting attorney was not comfortable with this case as it was.


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Thanks Linda for helping me understand. Are you and husband able to take kt to the park without assistance of PCA given a "normal" circumstance? Does this have to be some sort of formal arrangement or can, given kt's complexities, the board allow a less formal consequence?

It's great to hear that the CM has kt's best interest in the forefront and more importantly, understands.