Truly Terrified Right Now

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    husband spent over 8 hours trying to send our COBRA payment to the company. it was the last day of the grace period, but he had 3 checks that were delayed and we simply did NOT have the money before then.

    He spent about 4 hours on the 30th, and then decided to do it the 31st. On the 31st their computer system would not work. Our post office was closed because someone died so he couldn't mail the payment and get it postmarked that day. By the time we realized that there was no way to get the payment through by computer, and they refused to take it by phone because they say it is "too confusing", there were no post offices open in any town we could drive to.

    I called them the next day and got info to appeal. I thought it would be no big deal. NOW we have NO insurance because they say that we should have made the payment earlier.

    I intend to send a letter to them outlining this and BEGGING. Does ANYONE have any ideas to help us? I am set to have 2 expensive doctor appts TOMORROW - one for my pain doctor and he will NOT refill my medications with-o this visit. The other is for a sleep study that he insists I have but I couldn't pay the copays for before this.

    Now I am screwed. I will call the doctor office tomorrow before we go, thankfully it is a late appointment. I am tempted to go and pay the copay and fix the billing later, but that is dishonest.

    It really doesn't matter. I won't be able to pay for medications for more than maybe a month.

    IF husband gets this new job we would have other insurance, but we are still waiting for funding to open up. husband is going to have to check on that tomorrow also.

    I am SO SCARED. My medications are such that with-o them I have no quality of life, just endless hours of agonizing pain in every part of my body. Add the symptoms of physical withdrawal to that and life will be He.ll.

    If anyone has advice or help, please let me know.

    husband just left for choir rehearsal. I haven't told him yet - I will when he gets home, if I am awake - been up for almost 48 hours, so I may crash.
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    Oh Susie, I am sending prayers that everything works out early tomororw morning. Please let us know. This just hovers.
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    I can't imagine that they won't accept the other ideas than just argue the point repeatedly.
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    No advice but adding in prayers.
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    I still haven't told husband. They refused to take the payment the next day. I HAVE figured up the prescriptions we will need each month, and if we use the free "Your Rx Card" discount program, which our pharmacy takes, we will end up spending about $100 per month less than what we were paying for the insurance. THis is just for husband and I. THe kids are already on medicaid, thankfully. Cost of docs, well, that is going to not be fun. I am going to cancel the sleep study because there is NO WAY I can afford it now. I will do it after we get insured again.

    If I leave this up to husband he will just let it go. Accept their answer and feel like a failure and accept that too. It was NOT his fault that checks were late, or that the computer system didn't work. He didn't pay it earlier because we had to keep the power on and pay for gas so he could go to the temp jobs.

    I intend to write the next letters and keep faxing them until they accept it or they get sick of me and get a restraining order. Cause I cannot see just letting it go.

    I am still really scared. I haven't been with-o insurance since the 62 days after husband was fired from his job here in STW (not laid off - they fired him because they heard I was looking for a job. No joke.) and I got ajob and started in OH and waited the 30 days for it to kick in. Of course I learned I was preg with Jess in the middle of those days. There is almost nothing a doctor can/will do in the first couple of months other than to tell you what to eat and what not to do. I had a 4 yo so I remembered most of it and had a relative who had the preggo books, so it wasn't a big deal. Now, with husband NOT having a job and me not being able to work and not getting any answers from disability, well, it is SCARY.

    I promise not to do anything stupid. (Heck, I cannot even type the word the first try!) I will tell husband about it tomorrow. He won't sleep tonight if I tell him now. He has to drive tomorrow, so I need him to sleep.

    Gee, Happy birthday to me. Well, in about 2 1/2 hours it is my birthday. Just what I never wanted. Maybe if I tell them it is my birthday the company will take the payment. ha.
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    I would make them give you a receipt saying that they refused to take your money. I'm not sure how the COBRA works, but the SCC that we're carrying on a former employee is much more forgiving than that. Did you google "COBRA late payment"?
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    Thanks Witz. I haven't googled that, I have done some fruitless searches, but my mind is sort of kablooied by this. Esp since I have 2 specialist appts tomorrow. I have to reschedule one of them, and the test they were doing. I will google that and do what I can. The receipt is a good thing. Not sure how to get it, we put payments in online and they just locked us out on 9/1, even though we spent HOURS trying to get it through.

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    Susie, first you need to check with the pharmaceutical companies that make your medications and explain the situation. They have TONS of programs out there to help when people can't afford their medications. They'd rather help you out until you're able to afford it than have you switch to another companies medication.

    Second: You need to call medicaid in your state. You need to let them know how you are unable to work and obtain coverage, that you have chronic illnesses that will not be properly handled without coverage. Check into "Family Health Plus" and see if there's coverage available. Once you explain that husband is not working, nor are you, you should receive medicaid coverage for the two of you. Remember to ask them this: I have appts. that I desperately need to go to - can you backdate the coverage for those dates? Most gov't services backdate to the date of application so therefore the coverage will be in effect when you go to the appts. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHECK WITH YOUR DOCS AND THE SLEEP CLINIC THAT THEY ACCEPT MEDICAID!!!

    Going into a tailspin is only going to make matters worse. Go to bed, get some rest and push forward, Young Pilgrim! If you need help googling the information, let me know and I'll dig for you!

  9. susiestar

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    Thanks, Beth! I did not know that coverage was available for us through medicaid. I will call in the morning.

    I appreciate all the help and ideas!
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    Oh, Susie...I wish I had an answer for you. We nearly lost our coverage as well (long, sad story), and I spent the Labor Day weekend panicking and trying not to. The only thing that saved our hineys was that I had overnighted the payment, with return receipt requested, so I know they got it before the 31st. Hugs and prayers - I understand.
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    Susie somewhere there has to be a phone number to call for customer assistance. I know you send in payments via computer, but still there has to be a phone number to get in touch with the company. Once I called the one for the docs office to use just to get to talk to a REAL person........once I was in......I got passed around a bit, but did get to speak to management who helped solve the problem. Then they were kind enough to give me a customer assistance number.........which I found out later didn't work and had to go through the whole deal again. ugh lol But the 2nd number I got worked.

    Paying online is fantastic, except for situations like this. We've run into this issue a couple of times with bills. So far contacting them and discussing it has been enough to fix the situation.

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    Susie. I have no advice to give. Only hugs and prayers.
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    Susie, if there was a problem with their computer system I would call, write, fax, and beat down the doors until I'd reached someone high enough up to help you. They should have a record of your call, as well as evidence that their system was down. The first person who answers your calls probably isn't going to be able to assist you when it was due to a computer glitch.

    Also, a heads up to you and others with pre-existing conditions. The federal health care bill is kicking in to provide insurance options for those with pre-existing conditions. I'm not sure if this fits your situation right now but wanted to give everyone reading a heads up. Coverage varies by state.
  15. TerryJ2

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    Sounds like you're starting to make some progress. I noticed that some of the pharmacy plans are less expensive than "regular" insurance, as well. It's good to find a competetive pharmacy.
    I can't imagine the ins company not wanting your check, even if it is late. They live and breathe for profits.
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    Geez, I'm really sorry. I know how scary it is to not have insurance.

    How in the world do you afford COBRA, though?

    Here it is more than my house payment.

    I hope you get things straightened out, and I hope you got some sleep.

    Sending you some hugs and one of those bean bag/rice thingies that you heat up in the microwave.
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    I just keep thinking - Cobra IS a snake and they are a spitting venomous snake.......(appropriately given that name?)