Trying to focus more on the postive


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so this morning my son and I went to have his snow tires put on. We bought him the tires because this will be his first winter driving and I felt like he needed them as much for my peace of mind as anything. It ended up costing $76 because the rims they were on didn’t fit so they needed to be mounted onto his rims. We intended to pay but didn’t expect to pay that much. And then it happened my son turned to me and said “mom, that’s a lot. I can pay it myself if you want.” So I had him pay half. That really got me thinking that there is a great man in there trying to emerge. In spite of the fact that his life hasn’t fallen perfectly into place as I had hoped he has done some pretty responsible things as well as the immature stupid things. He works, he bought his own car and pays his own insurance and cell phone and plans on paying for college himself. The fear of what might happen in the future just won’t let go of me. But I’m fighting that battle in my head everyday, and it makes it hard to appreciate the positive things in life.