Trying to get evalution


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This is just an update, currently I am trying to get my 4year old son into the XXX unit for a behavorial evalution in hopes that they will place him in a head start program it's 4 days a week 8-2, and possibly have someone help in along through the days there mainly his behavior and social interations. I also would like to get him evaluated to to see if he is possibly ADD, ADHD OR ODD, when i read the symptoms of ODD it fits him to a T, more so than ADHD alone. I currently do not have medical insurance on him, myself or my and my husband have been layed off from work, i have appointment. on the 5th with the medical assistance office to see if i can get austin covered I am hoping that i can get him covered so that i can procede to a childrens hospital for an evalutation, I am think the XXX Medical center they are a university hospital, affilatied with penn state. I also have bought the book you all have recommened "the explosive child" i should recieve it in the next few days in the mail. You all seem to relate so well, and it's nice to know that my son isn't the only one out there like this, like i was telling my husband today.....that when you give birth to a perfectly healthy baby you think things are gonna be great, ofcourse i expected some temper tantrums and so forth but never in a million years would i think that my son would be a holy terror, but on the same hand i have to keep reminding myself that truley it's not his fault or mine, it's whatever is going on inside him and we need to find out what it is like yesterday. I am looking forward to getting to know you ladies. Thanks again!!
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Hi Tammy,
I haven't had a chance to greet you yet what with the holiday and all. I edited out the names of the facilities you listed as some professionals and organizations get touchy about having their name listed on the internet.
I was pleased to see that you know this is neither your fault nor your child's. That's often the hardest hurdle to get over. I look forward to getting to know you and your family. Welcome!