Turning into a teenager

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  1. Well, difficult child's not quite a teen, but almost there.

    Dropped difficult child off at camp this morning, 2 giggling girls shouting hello to him as we are at the back of the parking lot, then a line of 4 in total standing in the hallway as we walk in as his welcoming committee.

    I said nothing, just looked at him and smiled; his response: "I am the coolest guy in the camp you know." Then difficult child makes a big show of kissing and hugging me good-by - more so than normal; which just made the girls squeal a little more.

    He's smart if nothing else. When school starts, I'm sure I'll be posting lots of vents, but I thought this was cute.
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    :rofl: Oh, it gets so much more fun! LOL When I was still working, we had a girl working part time through a work/school program at the high school. (She was in school half days and worked the other half) Turns out she had first period with difficult child. Apparently, he too thinks he's the hottest thing since lava. He would routinely go up to her, do the head nod thing with the supposed cool looking squinty eyes and say 'sup? How YOU doin? (ala Joey on Friends no less)
  3. It gets worse actually; here was easy child's (both boys gaga over girls forever) comments to me last week; at least difficult child asked for permission to have a girlfriend two weeks ago.

    First day at new camp:
    easy child: "Mom, 2 girls were fighting over me."
    Mom: "Why easy child?"
    easy child: "Mom, they just like me; you knowed how smart and gorgeous I am. I was borned that was. Plus, I told them they were hot." (Stated as fact; not to try to make himself look good)
    Mom: "easy child, you don't call young ladies hot, that is very disrespectful, what makes a boy special to others is how they act and treat the ladies. You'll be eating a plateful of vegetables if you do this again. Plus, you need to learn how to use proper grammar before you can even think about liking girls."

    Second day at new camp:
    easy child: "Mom, the girls were fighting over me again, they just won't leave me alone. I'm really something special and beautiful."
    Mom: Speechless.

    difficult child still won't brush teeth; but he has requested teeth whitener in the last couple of days:)

    Some humor for the end of a very challenging week!
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    :rofl: Too funny!!! To your difficult child: Keep thinking that way boy - you really are awesome - just need to do things polite and proper and you will have it made.