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    I can take easy child 2 to tutoring.
    I emailed her mom an update on the status of the school evaluation, explained it would take a while, and said we would like to see easy child in tutoring now, at least until the school evaluation is finished, and possibly even after they start working with her.
    Mom's reply was "She can go, but I can't afford much." That's almost funny for her to say that to ME. She has one kid that she "takes care of" (and I use that term loosely). She lives in a 15 year old brick ranch house her parents bought for her. She traded in a car her parents gave her on her truck, so she only paid for about half of the truck. Her dad does all the maintenance on the truck. Her mom and dad bought her a camper and a lot at the lake to use it on. She pays no daycare expense and never has. She buys no clothing or shoes for her daughter. She has never bought her kid's school supplies. She never has to miss a day of work to take her to the doctor or stay home with her sick or pay for prescriptions. She pays nothing for her older daughter, who is in college. She doesn't even mow her own yard or do her own laundry. When husband left years ago, they owned a trailer together and she hid it from him. Just this summer it showed back up with a for sale sign on it. She sold it (without the title). And husband hands her $300+ bucks a month in support...we're down to mostly just easy child 2 and difficult child 2, but $300 bucks wouldn't begin to cover half the expenses of difficult child 2...and I don't get squat from difficult child's bio dad. Guess I don't have a lot of pity for her "inability to afford much". Her own mother says she squandors her money on t-shirts, matching bras/panties, and every Disney movie ever made. They own the latest gaming systems with all the games...you get the jist...
    That said, I offered (just like last time) to pay for at least the first couple months, til she gets back to work and we know a little more about what the school will and won't do. easy child 2 needs tutoring; the right thing to do is get it for her. I'll try to leave the judging for the rest of this cr@p to her Creator. (I said TRY!)
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    Well at least easy child is getting what she needs if for a time or until her mom changes her mind again. Hope it works. You are such a warrior mom it is amazing.

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    Send the witch a broom..........................(insert kackle)

    -After thought -

    - A $1 Dollar General broom -

    And as far as selling the camper without a title???? o.m.ranger smith! :surprise:

    I think tutoring would have to be - $600 and she can pay 1/2 or give up that juicy $300 a month child support -