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    a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) bed is about 4 weeks out. I'm terrified to let her walk the dog alone because she is going up to total strangers & introducing herself (hence they become "known" people not strangers). kt is just not processing the danger in this mindset.

    Her many "parts" are out & floating all over the place.

    We will be touring the facility kt will be going to next Tuesday; kt is refusing to be part of the tour however she must be there to meet the therapist she will work with......

    It seems they may be considering a more developmental age appropriate facility versus the teen facility for which I'm just thrilled. The caveat of course is there needs to be no more than 7 years between the youngest child & the oldest child in the facility. Right now there is a 6 year old there. I can only pray that child is discharged in good health (how selfish is that?)

    I'm trying to get kt into psychiatrist before Easter weekend ~ we need an increase in her PRN medication or a different one. I don't think we can travel to my Dad's that weekend if I don't have that on board.

    I'm tired of hearing of how typical teen my kt is; there is nothing typical about behaviors ~ some of the threatening.
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    Oh, Linda, I'm so sorry. How scary for you, and for kt, though she doesn't realize it. Many hugs to you, and saying prayers for kt.
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    I am so VERY sorry. This is just such a difficult time for you both. I will pray that the small child is dismissed in good health and that kt can get a bed much sooner than 4 weeks out in a developmentally approp facility rather than a teen facility. I really don't think it is selfish or mean of you to want the smaller child dismissed in good health very soon - you are not wanting them to just throw the child out after all.

    Sending LOTS of hugs and prayers to both of you. It is so scary that she has reverted to the small child mindset of "If I introduce myself then we are not strangers so I can talk to them or go off with them".

    This hoovers for you.

    The psychiatrist NEEDS to see her ASAP, in my opinion. And, as I am sure you know, a child in a sudden crisis is more likely to get a bed soon than a child on the "list". So be SURE to call or have the docs call to see if there is an emergency bed available.

    I am so sorry.
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    I don't think you are being selfish at all for hoping the 6 year old is ready to be discharged. I wish you had someone there to help you while you are waiting for the bed to open up. Is your psychiatrist good about getting kt in when needed? One of the many things I love about difficult child's psychiatrist is he always gets difficult child in quickly when needed.

    Continued prayers. ((((Hugs))))
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    Given the circumstances, I hope kt's psychiatrist sees her immediately. I don't think you're being selfish either - I've got my fingers crossed, in fact all my body parts crossed, that the six year old is discharged in good health ASAP!!!

    As always, you and kt are in my thoughts and prayers... WFEN
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    Poor kt! She is going through so much these days. It is not selfish to hope the 6 yr old gets discharged soon especially since you added "in good health" to the wish. You want only the best for all kids and for that child to be healthy ASAP will help kt also.
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    I've gotten that one too. It is very frustrating until they see them completely out of control. Like two weeks ago when Son started physically attacking me in the new psychiatrists office (it was horrible, but in all honesty, it was the best place it could happen). Talk about a psychiatrist writing furiously....

    I'm crossing body parts that KT gets into the appropriate placement. You all have been though so much.
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    Oh the typical teen thing hacks me off too!!! WHY is it that just being a teen is ANY kind of excuse for bad behavior??? I know teens do behave strangely, but that is NO excuse to overlook their problems or discount that as "normal" when for kt there is no such thing as "normal teen behavior"!

    Be sure you takecare of yourself and stay safe. Don't get hurt when kt is on the rampage. Remember that girls fight far dirtier and harder than guys (based on the discussions I have had with jr high and high school teachers all my life - friends of my dad. They ALL say you toss water onto the girls but you NEVER wade into the fight.)

    Just be careful - and know we are sending strength and support and a big ole' can of whoop@$$ in case you need to open it on the "its only typical teen stuff" nitwits!
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    Hugs, Linda! I hope you can get a break from all the stress you've been under.
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    Nothing to add except support and prayers. Hugs, ML
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    kt had 3, count em, 3 in home workers here today. Covering all shifts because of spring break & then 1 Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker. CADI manager has lifted the ban of having more than one person in the home at one time for kt until she gets admitted to Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    Lots of dissociation, attempting to run (we're getting very successful at redirecting that behavior though); the screaming & self harm stuff is getting to me though. I know if I took her to ER because of the self harming stuff she would settle down & ask for ice cream. I did have 2 workers taping this stuff on their cell phones though.

    Can't sleep again ~ I'm painting. Sometimes I think the lord above is messing with my sleep pattern so I can get in my therapeutic time in a quiet environment. Sipping on herb tea until 5 & then hitting the coffee as I need to be to a doctor's appointment early.

    It's interesting but I fear the quiet once kt leaves; she's really kept me from facing up to husband's death & deal with some overwhelming emotions. Those types of feelings (in me) are terrifying.

    Oh well.....thanks for lending an ear yesterday ~ wish I could have gotten back to you. I'm hoping for a better day today.
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    Sorry things are rough for kt. Is wm faring any better?
  14. sending big hugs
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    PW, wm is regressing in many ways as well. Reports are that he's struggling (he & husband were buds); however, his mind is such that the emotion he shows is very real but very short lived. He then moves onto the next thing on his mind. I visited him 2 weeks ago & plan on a visit this coming Saturday.

    Thank you all again ~ as I've said we have a appointment next week to tour the facilty & I'm hoping that will help kt. She thinks I'm abandoning her; I believe her words were something to the effect "I'm an orphan & you're throwing me out of here so you can find a new man".

    Not even close.
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    It makes sense to me that you're fearing the quiet when kt isn't there. You've been so busy dealing with kt's issues that it doesn't leave you much time to deal with your own.

    I hope you have a close friend nearby when kt leaves. While you'll probably need some time alone, I think having a close friend available is a good idea. This is going to be a rough time for you and I don't think you should be alone all of the time.

    Keeping you in my thoughts... WFEN