I think it's time to cut off all ties to my oldest...but scared to do so...


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How do you do it? There's the question of a lifetime! Do relationships survive?

For me its one day at a time. I find joy where I can so I can smile as much as possible. I do things I enjoy that bring me peace. Elsi wrote a brilliant reply yesterday on a thread in the sub abuse forum about a 19 year old weed addict.

I'd also suggest that you're currently in shock which is different. Shock wears off.

I can't say anything that you won't read elsewhere here. I found comfort on this site. Read other posts. You are not alone.

I will suggest that by the time your antisocial son is 20 you've been through plenty with friends already. So if they are still your friends that is unlikely to change. Same with your marriage.

But to help your children and husband you need to get through this. So you need to take care of yourself.