two fairly decent days and I'm not taking it for granted...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Yesterday, Q had an issue at school, and had little bumps into me on and off but no major stuff with me, and he did well in his new Occupational Therapist (OT) and speech sessions. (some little hits and kicks transitioning, but nothing major)...Today, just a little opposition getting ready for school and a few names when I said no to some little things, but no meltdowns, not even one. He even went rollerblading outside of our house and I heard him talking to a few people and saying by and hi and thanks, etc...(I am listening and watching constantly of course)...and then I went to give him his medications, he took them well. I said ok almost time to come in and he said he would watch for 8 on is galaxy player...UMMMMM...thought for sure he would argue for 9 as usual, nope and THEN he said...I'm gonna take a shower now ok?? (let me think, yeah, OK!) Hope the last hour and a half go as well....this is the first full day in a long time with no meltdowns. Thank heaven for little blessings.
  2. InsaneCdn

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    Little? LITTLE?
    Buddy, this is BIG.

    Because... it's the start of the reverse spiral - the spiral UP.
    Yes, there will be dips. There will be not so nice times...
    But the trend has shifted.

    Walk careful but enjoy.
  3. Wiped Out

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    What a great post to read! Isn't it nice when we get to see our difficult children like this! I'm hoping you have a lot more days like this!
  4. Bunny

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    Wow!!! Buddy, that is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! I am so happy for Q and I'm even happier for you! Like ICD said, this is the start of your upward spiral. There will be bumps along the way, but you are definately on the up swing.
  5. Malika

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    Buddy, here's hoping the trend is continuing. I really hope this is the stability of the new school starting to take effect.
  6. susiestar

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    This is really awesome. I think the new placement for school will continue to help the upward spiral! It must be so much less stressful and so much more fun to go to school for Q now. Then he comes home with a lot less upset. Plus he can tell that you are not as stressed about school, so that also helps.

    It is a BIG thing and I am so glad!
  7. DDD

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    This is my first read of the day and I have a smile in my voice. How awesome to see some consistent positive behavior. Hugs DDD
  8. StressedM0mma

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    Dee, that is so great!! I hope it continues. It sounds like you were able to take a deep breath. Those days are wonderful.
  9. pasajes4

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    :hi5: i would so love to give you a for real in person high five. You deserve a medal for everything that you go through. Prayers for more GOOD days.
  10. buddy

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    Thanks so much you guys. Yesterday was a little more challenging but Fridays always are, and never got physical, not even a bump into me now that I think of it, he did get really mouthy but guess what I figured out?? I had given him his Ritalin boost at 430 when the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker came to get him and I forgot to give her a dose for that 3.5 hour mark when rebound starts (never happens iwht concerta but it does for these night booster doses) and his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker said he was literally calm one minute (and had been the whole night) then he switched....I am sure the transition to home (and hoping friends were out) with the wearing off of medications were the cause. I gave him medications right away when he came but he was so loud and impulsive. Literally screamed in a panic (saw his whole body jump) like three times so he had tons of adrenalin rushing around in him .... everything scared him (sounds, fast movements etc.) and he refused to come in the house, gosh that is SOOO stressful, he had his roller blades on and he was going up and down in front of our houses yelling things about and to me....In about 40 minutes he started settling. I told him I was going to take a bath so he could not yell to me anymore because I would not be able to hear him (Of course I didnt go in the bath, I just stood by the window watching him) worked. He finally came in (thank god no kids were out playing so no scenes started).....

    The whole thing was maybe an hour but I felt like passing out afterwards. Trying to look at the positive, through all of that he never threw a rock or got aggressive in any way with me. I didn't even notice until I was writing this post (I was on such high alert/stress I was not looking for the good in it). They said school went well again, he had a new bus driver/aide better suited for him I am hoping so that all went well. He also had a great PT session.

    I am SURE the prayers and positive energy from you guys is a big part of it. I also post on prayer works at the website for our local contemporary radio station.....not trying to get religious, just sharing what for me is the only thing I can hold onto these days.....

    Did I tell you guys about the free therapy place Q's psychiatric told me to go try? IT is always free, nothing to do with income. Was made to supplement people's treatment when they are going through chronic or life threatening illness. They also work with caregivers and people going through emotional stress or illness. So I go for an orientation on Friday. They have groups, individual, massage, yoga, just a bunch of holistic types of things.....I'll check it out. The only other thing I found was a general support group for women which supposedly is open to any disorder, issue, etc. I can imagine it would be tough to find people who understand in that type of setting, but if this doesn't work out I can try it I guess.
  11. Tiapet

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    I'm very happy for you and for Q! :) I really do hope this is the start of the upward spiral with very few bumps. That this new placement is just what he needed to help stabilize him out and help you to settle your mind (as it always then helps to cope with the difficult children). You go through so much with Q. I think I go through much with my 3 difficult children but when I read your posts at times with Q I feel you go through even more then I do with the 3 of them and don't know how you do it.
  12. Liahona

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    I'm glad that you have had a few good days and hope you have many more.
  13. StressedM0mma

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    I am so glad that you found a place that you can go to as well. I hope that orientation goes well on Friday. It sounds like a great place. Yoga, Massage and therapy? It sounds like a spa!! Glad things continue to go well. Hope you got to go riding. We didn't. too cold and rainy here. difficult child hasn't been to the barn since Wed. I really need to get her out there today.
  14. buddy

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    I called the owner/trainer and she was off work at 2:30 and the rain had stopped. Since we really right now paid her privately not the organization we typically go through, she was happy to have us ride at 4. So GET THIS, the horse Q picked likes to have another horse with her or she just does not cooperate so we brought up the horse I call Eyore....he is just so calm and head down like Eyore...but he does like to be the boss sometimes so started kind of bugging Q's horse and he said MOM you get on and keep him away. So we saddled up the horse and I RODE.... had no idea what I was doing but I learned fast. At first I was just not getting him to go where I wanted and he woudl stop over and over but finally figured out the subtle thing I was doing wrong and I was having a blast. My butt is not too sore either.

    Now that the aggression is further between I am confirming triggers much better. AT one point at the barn the horses ran into the barn and thru it trying not to get caught, lol... Q FREAKED out and turned around and punched me in the shoulder. He was scared and yelling at me to fix it all. It stopped at that one punch and so not at all like when he freaked out at the school (he is on a higher dose of zyprexa too so maybe that helped, plus overall is less stressed???) but that and transitions really seem to be the biggest triggers....

    He lost the ability to go outside over that and his spending the time before that and while outside yesterday being really inappropriate with his language and he fought that until I finally pulled over and just waited him out. He thought about it, proposed a plan (getting something to eat and watching his NASCAR and trying to earn outside again today) and we went more blow ups for the evening.

    I can't imagine being a neurosurgeon is as stressful as this is sometimes.
  15. TerryJ2

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    Yaaay! Congrats on the good days. And more congrats on IDing triggers, since the aggression and triggers are further apart. Way To Go! It's hard, but you are taking it one day at a time.